The Lands of planet Erdos


There are three major continents in Erdos that comprise the habitable known world. They are referred to as the Three Lands (elves call them the Four Lands for they count Akualinor as well).

To the West is Athanor, once the seat of power of the Iron Empire. The dwarven ancestral land of Svyatosneg-Gorgy comprises its northern reaches and south of it the Hash-Lath, the untamed lands. South of the Hash-Lath a variety of climate and terrain house a large number of kingdom and city states. In the southern reaches of Athanor is the orcish nation of New Mallenor.

Limoch-Grosgant, the largest of the Lands, is depicted in the center of any Erdosian world-map. Divided in two by a narrow sea called the Everflow, Limoch is the northern half while Grosgant is the south. A narrow stretch of land called the Everfrost connects Limoch with the Erdosian north pole. The Hegemony of Dorianor, arguably the mightiest nation of Erdos, is situated in Limoch as is the Stregoni United Nation (or just Eranhein), the emerald elven Merniash, and Eskanor, home of the gold dragon Eskaloth.

Grosgant, held to be the birthplace of orcs, is comprised by numerous kingdoms and city-states. It also hosts a number of fortresses used by the Sons of Imperium—a force of tyranny but also the ultimate keepers of the Law in a largely lawless region.

To the East is Hantaraj, a land of deserts but also vast cities. The magocratic nation of Danaheiraj in the dominant force there, contested by the Quijadin Caliphate and numerous other states.

Akualinor, home of the diamond elves, flies high in the sky above the ocean separating Athanor from Limoch-Grosgant.

1/3 of Erdos bellow the equator is cloaked by a dangerous magis mist; a byproduct of the War of the Varn. It is said that nothing except for dragons can survive there and all expeditions have been met with failure. That dark place is known as the Overlands.

The Erdosian Underdark is known as the Underlands.

The Lands of planet Erdos

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