The Grand Guilds

Since ancient times, craftsmen and tradesmen tended to form associations based on their trades in the form of guilds. The guilds controlled secrets of traditionally imparted technology, the “arts” or “mysteries” of their crafts.

The advancements in magical science during the Age of the Varn (most importantly the Replication Forge, which allowed the mass production of magic items) led to the formation of much larger and powerful guilds, ones that eventually came to span the entire world.

These were the Grand Guilds and they were in many ways similar to our multinational corporations.

The War of the Varn destroyed all of them, but their legacy (and magical items) have survived to this day in the hands of heroes, villains, lost in lightless dungeons, or kept in hoards of dragons.

Some of the most noteworthy of these guilds (at least to adventurers looking for magic items that are useful to them) are:

Blackblade Armaments

Founded in Danaheiraj by the Draracle family, BA specialized in the development of arms and armor and other tools of war. Historians largely consider them to have been the best in their field. They are known, amongst many things, for creating the Aegis armor. Magic weapons bearing their emblem are considered great treasure and of an unmatched excellence in quality. They also apparently built a ship for the Riskbreakers.

Sentinel Serpents

Formed and ran by a group of guardian naga, SS specialized in security systems, defensive magic items, and all manner and kinds of vaults. They constructed the vaults that contained the three Imprisonment Shards.

Varnian Mechanics

The Varn’s very own Grand Guild. They specialized in highly sophisticated projects meant to benefit humanity, such as the construction of the Stargazer. They were also the only guild that could build Replication Forges (which they sold to other nations and Grand Guilds).

Crescent Moon Works

Akualinor-based, specialized in magic arms and armor.

Blut Engel

A stregoni guild.

Force works

A dwarven guild.

Hoplon Industries

A Dorian guild.

The Grand Guilds

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