Races of Erdos

All races listed on the Player’s Handbook are available for play in Lands of Erdos and are mechanically identical (thought do take note of an additional variant human presented on Erdos). However, there exist cultural and setting-specific differences which will be explained here. In addition, this chapter presents the stregoni, a new race unique to Erdos.

The races most common on Erdos are the humans, the dwarves, the elves, the humans, the stregoni, and the orcs.

Less common are halflings, dragonborn, half-elves, half-orcs, and tieflings.


Dwarves of Erdos are identical to the ones presented in the Player’s Handbook. Their ancestral lands are the Hallowed Snow Mountains in northern Athanor—or Svyatosneg-Gorny in the dwarven language—but they have lesser kingdoms in many other mountainous regions. The most notable dwarven ruler, and first among equals, is the Grand Tsar of Svyatosneg-Gorny, Oskar Boltsyn.

Dwarves worship the [[Religion & Philosophy | Dwamar]]—a collective of gods that comprise the dwarven pantheon and believed to have created the dwarven race. However, each of these deities do not individually identify themselves nor act on their own. They always act as a single cohesive unit. Because of that, it’s not unheard of for dwarves to consider the Dwamar as a single deity with innumerable aspects.

There are two dwarven subraces. Hill dwarves who are called flint dwarves in Erdos and mountain dwarves who are called ivory dwarves.


Also called ‘_drae_,’ the elves began existence as a tribe of prehistoric humans, sequestered within the hollow moon called Mythodea by the fey goddess [[Religion & Philosophy | Theléa]]. Altered by fey magics and bloodlines, the drae emerged from the moon ten thousand years ago, settling on the island Akualinor—now flying high in the skies above the Areon ocean. Since then, they have spread in numerous other places.

There are three subraces of drae. The draelar (Diamond Elves_, High Elves in the Player’s Handbook), the draelev (Emerald Elves_, Wood Elves in the Player’s Handbook), and the draelin (Ruby Elves, Drow in the Player’s Handbook).

Drae are not physically identical to the elves presented in the PHB. They are slender and graceful, and have pointy ears. The similarities end there. All drae subraces have similar skin tones, in ranges of caucasian humans. The subraces are differentiated by their most striking feature; their eyes. Draenic eyes are gemlike in appearance. Diamond elves had eyes that look like diamonds, emerald elves have emerald eyes, and, of course, ruby elves have ruby eyes (which means that ruby elves look nothing like the drow).

Emerald elf society is typical to what is generally described of wood elves in the Player’s Handbook. Ruby elven society is also similar to drow society, with the notable difference that instead of being matriarchal, it is chauvinistically patriarchal. Diamond elven society mostly approximates feudal Japan. Their raessarai warriors are essentially samurai.

The elven longsword is called thénova and the elven shortsword is called malykithae. They are visually identical to the real-life katana and wakizashi respectively.

No non-elf (called naeross by the drae—similar in meaning to the Japanese word ‘gaijin’) is permitted to enter Akualinor.


Humans of Erdos are identical to the ones described in the Player’s Handbook, with one notable addition. All Erdosian humans have what is described as the Psionic Potential. This means that for all intents and purposes, humans are considered psionic creatures, even if they don’t have any overt psychic abilities.

The Variant Human as presented in the Player’s Handbook, is the default version of humans playable on a Lands of Erdos campaign (though the standard human is also available). There is a slight variation however: Replace the “Feat” trait with the following:
Human Potential. You gain one feat of your choice or one psionic talent of your choice.


Orcs have the same statistics as those of the half-orc descrived in the Player’s Handbook.

Like the drae, the orcs too were once a tribe of primitive humans, altered by Garagom with the intent to create the ultimate warrior race.

Orcs in Erdos are not necessarily evil. All of them have a tendency towards rage and violence, instilled on them upon their creation, but the vast majority control that urge and function normally in society.
However, most people still distrust orcs. The nation of New Mallenor is a large kingdom in Athanor, were orcs work together to make a more enlightened future for themselves.

Orcs outside Mallenor are either followers of [[Religion & Philosophy | Garagom]], and are in line with the Sons of Imperium, or are brutal savages, worshiping a Chaotic Evil aspect of the Lord of Might.


Stregoni are a new player race, unique in Lands of Erdos. Detailed information and rules mechanics can be found here.

Races of Erdos

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