Erdosian Calendar

Like Earth, a day on Erdos lasts twenty-four hours. Unlike Earth, each Erdosian year lasts 360 days. The year is divided into twelve months with three months making up a season. In the northern hemisphere, the first season of the year is spring.

The months are named after the twelve Varn. They are: Blossus, Namara, Enak, Enader, Varia, Liria, Ovi, Onia, Markust, Khar, Arkos, and Alturak (with Blossus corresponding to March, and Alturak corresponding to February).

Each month is comprised by three ten-day weeks. The days are: Skyday, Dragonsday, Draesday, Mansday, Moonsday, Dwarfsday, Orcsday, Kingsday, Loreday, and Godsday.

Because each day in always encountered only thrice during each month, Erdosians write and tell dates by adding the prefix ‘first’, ‘second’, or ‘_third_’ on each day, denoting which of the three weeks it belongs to.

To elaborate: whereas we might say that it’s Sunday the 11th of July, Erdosians would say it’s the Second Skyday of Varia. The Second Skyday is always the 11th of the month, just as the Second Dragonsday is always the 12th, regardless of the month or year. Likewise the First Skyday is always the first day of the month while the Third Godsday is always the 30th and last day of the month.

Erdosian Calendar

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