Kaenus "Kaen" Von Draclore'Draeon

The Unifier


Prince Kaenus Von Elang’Draclore, Heir Apparent to the Ebony Throne of Eranhein.

Kaen’s surname symbolizes the creation of a new House that combines the bloodlines of House Elang’Draeon, House Von Redlore, and House Draracle.


Kaen is the son of King Adrian Von Redlore and Marion Vass Draracle. By virtue of his heritage, he is heir to the Ebony Throne of Eranhein (from his father), the Emerald Throne of Menriash (from his grandmother on his father’s side), and the Golden Throne of Draklund in Kjeldorn (from his grandfather on his mother’s side).

As he is also an Elang’Draeon by blood, he is has very strong ties to both Dorianorian and Akualinorian nobility and should Dorianor revert back to monarchy, he is the legitimate heir.

Kaenus "Kaen" Von Draclore'Draeon

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