Lands of Erdos

Session 12

Guardheim Inferno

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On their way to Guardheim, Maia, Lorgar, Dalek, Lidrael, Shamus, and Cid met up with a coven of druids. They learned that a small army of kuo-toa were attacking the city. Despite Dalek’s protests (who believed it was dangerous to go towards an army of kuo-toa with both shards in hand), the team decided to head to the city and help its defenders.

They managed to establish contact with Clio’s Knights of the Black Rose, and fought alongside the city’s defenders to repel the kuo-toa, as well as save whomever they could.

During the fights however, they discovered that most of the kuo-toa commanders were in fact hijacked by Intellect Devourers. They surmised that with the high-priest dead, the Mind Flayers had taken command of the remaining kuo-toa—though they could not tell why they were attacking the city.

Cid meanwhile received a telepathic call for assistance from Ambassador Richter Von Stein. The team fought their way to the embassy to save him. Within, they could corpses of soldiers—their brains sucked out of their heads, telltale signs of Ilithid presence.

And then, as they approached the doors that led to Richter’s office, the broken corpse of an Ilithid flew from inside, and Richter emerged from within. During the short conversation that followed, Richter revealed he was the one behind it all (even using his powers to disguise himself as an elf to throw them off his scent). The mind flayers had attacked the city in an effort to kill him.

Richter demanded the adventures to give him the two shards, which they denied. Unavoidably, a fight ensued. Richter wiped the floor with them, severely injuring most of them (Maia and Shamus escaped for reinforcements), killing Lidrael and Lorgar and claiming the shard from Cid (who was mentally influenced—though not dominated—by the spellcaster). Richter then transformed into a swarm of bats and left the city. He was now in possession of all three shards.

End of Season 1



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