Welcome to the Lands

Built upon the ruins of an ancient, magically advanced era, Erdos is a world where magic and science are the same discipline.

It is a world where airships plow the skies, and special forces soldiers skydive behind enemy lines to conduct their clandestine operations.

Where excavated titans of steel, piloted by men and women, stomp on the battlefield. Where archaeologists and adventurers roam the forgotten places of the world, seeking to unearth Lost Mechana that may either advance or damn the entire planet..

A planet that once burned in the apocalyptic fire of a world war…

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The Current Campaign

This campaign follows the exploits of a group of adventurers that has come to be known as the Riskbreakers. By what appears to be happenstance (though most think it’s anything but) our heroes have united against a shadowy network of cultists determined to restore a prehistoric empire of cosmic evil.

As the Riskbreakers delve deeper into the mysteries of ancient events and fight against the coming darkness, they grow in understanding, power, and importance. What is both encouraging and troubling, is that somehow people of the past seemed to be aware of their coming, and have made arrangements to accommodate the future. Is this prophesy? Destiny even? If so, what Fate awaits our heroes? And if it isn’t Fate, who pulls the strings?

One thing is certain however: a long forgotten evil, inimical to mortal life, stirs once again from the abyssal depths of history. And the Riskbreakers are poised to stand in its way…

The Setting

Lands of Erdos is a Heroic Fantasy setting with a dash of Science Fiction and a sprinkling of Dark Fantasy (of the Cosmic Horror variety). The following are some of the most important concepts that apply to the setting:

  • The World Is Ancient. Scholars have records that tell histories ranging as far back as more than 5 millennia, and yet civilizations have dotted the surface of the world since long before that time. Erdos’ history has shaped, and continues to shape the present of the world.
  • Magic is a Science. On Erdos, mortals treat the research and use of magic not as an art or a mysterious gift, but as a special kind of science; a very dangerous, and often unpredictable form of science. Likewise, magic items are seen as extremely sophisticated pieces of high-technology—most of them from the ancient past. It is from this that Erdos gets its (pseudo)science fiction flavor.
  • Erdos used to be a Utopia. Or at least close to it. During the Age of the Varn, the people of Erdos enjoyed advances in magic that skyrocketed their quality of life to hitherto unmatched heights. Along with it came an unparalleled sophistication in philosophy and ideology. Unfortunately it all ended with the fantasy equivalent of World War III.
  • The World is on its Way to Recovery. Over 1500 years have passed since the War of the Varn. Much of what was lost remains beyond the reach of the modern people, but a great deal has been recovered. Every Erdosian dreams of one day restoring the world to its prior greatness.
  • If it exists in D&D, it has a place on Erdos. Some details might be altered to accommodate the setting, but most of the standard lore common to Dungeons & Dragons still has a place in Lands of Erdos, from the planes to the various demon princes and devil lords.

Where to go from here

For a very brief look on the history of the Lands, go here.
For a birds eye view of the world’s history, visit the TIMELINE.
For a recap of the current campaign so far, read The Story So Far.

Lands of Erdos

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