The Black Sun

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The Black Sun Network (also known as ‘Schwarze Sonne’ in Aeonic) is a secret occult society with ties to the Far Realm.

Their philosophy revolves around a concept they call the Letzte Reich, which means the Last Empire. They believe that the multiverse is doomed to be consumed by the ever-encroaching Far Realm. Instead of fighting this eventuality, they have chosen to embrace it. They worship entities of the Far Realm and hold aberrant creatures as sacred. Because of that they have allied with (or are servants of) the Aboleths. The ancient aberrations used to rule over Erdos, thousands—perhaps millions—of years ago. The Black Sun is poised to help reinstate the Aboleth Empire—the Last Empire—to rule over the world before the Far Realm invades the multiverse and its masters snuff out the light of the stars (hence Black Sun).

The Black Sun network has spawned several offshoot cults. Most of them are comparatively primitive in philosophical terms, blindly (and even insanely) performing sacrifices and offering lip service to the Great Old Ones. The Schwarze Sonne on the other hand is a much more sophisticated type of cult, with access to significant wealth and counting among its members several influential people. Of course, the network often manipulates the lesser cults to its own end.

It is believed that the organization was originally formed in Eranhein, though so far, efforts to discover its leaders’ identities have largely been met with failure. However, the efforts of the Riskbreakers have revealed that the organization’s ultimate leader is a stregoni warlock named Richter Von Héssel.

The Black Sun

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