Shadow Force

Shadow Force is the preeminent special operations unit of the Dorianorian military. Unconventional warfare, espionage, counter-intelligence, and assassination are its tools of trade.

Shadow Force operatives—known as Shades, though the term is unofficial—are, along with the Knights of the Black Rose—the cream of the crop when it comes to Dorianor’s military might. They operate either solo or in strike-teams that can be as large as ten operatives or more, depending on the needs of the mission. They are occasionally assigned to non-commando teams or to non-commissioned groups of adventurers.

Shades always have levels in at least one PC class, with rogue, ranger, and fighter being the most popular choices.


Dorianorian Officers may opt to join Shadow Force. If accepted, they go through a grueling training regime that lasts 12 months and with a drop-out rate of over 80%. Training-related fatalities, though uncommon, are known to happen during this period. Upon completion of the training, Shadelings (as they are still called) go through a final test—the nature of which is secret. Only those that pass this final test become full Shades. It is not considered dishonorable to fail this test, and every officer who has completed the Shadow Force training gains much prestige for his career even if he fails to become a Shade in the end.


Shadow Force’s emblem is the Cloak & Dagger, a universal symbol of espionage and subterfuge. A band with the word ‘AIRBORNE’ is always emblazoned above the emblem, signifying its members specialization in air-insertion (including para-dropping) and warfare.

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Shadow Force Emblem

Shadow Force

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