Rune's Blessing of Dissimulation

Also known as the Mental Camouflage, Dissimulation is a unique divine blessing (DMG p. 227) created by Rune, the 47th (and current) Guardian of Worlds. Its power is Artifact-grade.

Rune created this blessing to enhance operatives that carried information that was extremely sensitive. Originally, he (and his predecessors as well as many other gods) utilized a blessing that had the effects of a permanent Mind Blank. This however had two significant drawbacks. Mind Blank is detectable and when one attempts to probe a Mind Blanked mind, he “sees” a mental block and understands that the target is protected. This alone may raise red flags in missions and tasks where subterfuge is important. Secondly, Mind Blank can be bypassed by deities or other powerful cosmic entities.

The Blessing of Dissimulation was created to deal with both problems.

First of all, Dissimulation cannot be dispelled nor detected, not even by Wish and deity-level magic. It can only be dismissed by Rune himself.

The subject of a Blessing of Dissimulation enjoys the following benefits:

The Dissimulation is always related to a broad sphere of specific information that is of interest to the Guardian and whatever mission the subject has been tasked with. Whenever the subject’s mind is telepathically probed, the prober views false thoughts and memories in relation to the sensitive information. The blessing itself adapts to the situation without any prompt from the subject. The subject can willfully mask any sort information and thought before hand, but he must meditate before hand and choose the memories and thoughts that are to be concealed/altered. However, the automatic concealment only occurs in relation to the information the Guardian has selected.

In addition, any magic that would determine if the subject is lying or force him to speak truth, does not work, and the effect is completely undetectable, i.e. for all intents and purposes, it appears that the subject is telling the truth. This does not bypass actual, physical means of lie-detection however (insight checks for instance).

Rune's Blessing of Dissimulation

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