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The Riskbreakers are an adventuring band currently active on Erdos. They are the Players’ party, and the main characters of the campaign.

They are (in alphabetic order): Boris Orlov, Cid Von Héssel, Galthryn Aessir, Lorgar Uroshkan, Maia, and Shamus O’Shameless.

Of them, Cid, Lorgar, Maia, and Shamus are founding members, with Boris and Galthryn joining up later.

There are also two reserve members: Gildor Luinwe (also a founding member) and Dalek Modron. Both continue to serve in support roles, but don’t engage in active adventuring (former PCs turned NPCs).

The group banded together in the town of Blumont, when each of them (for their own reasons) got involved in the investigation of a series of ritualistic murders. This catapulted them on a collision course with the Black Sun network and their Aboleth overlords.

On the month of Ovi, 1736 AV, they acquired the Spelljammer Airship ‘Riskbreaker,’ which was apparently and inexplicably constructed specifically for them centuries ago. Because of this they have come to be known as the Riskbreakers.

They are also the current stewards of the Stargazer, an ancient space station on low orbit over Erdos, abandoned since the War of the Varn.

So far their adventures have taken them on many of the Lands of Erdos, from Grosgant, Athanor, and Akualinor. They have also visited the distant planet called Kjeldorn, and have also visited Sigil, the City of Doors.

Though still relatively unknown to the common populace, those in the know consider them a rising star in the adventuring business, swiftly rising in power and influence and likely to rival even the mighty Brightstones in time. Some even theorize that they may carve their names in legend and join the hollowed ranks of bands like the Ravenguard or the Black Thorns. On the subject of the Brightstones, the Riskbreakers had forged strong bonds with the legendary adventurers. Because of overlapping interests, and Maia’s familial relationship with Aelthas, the Brightstones and Riskbreakers affectionally refer to each other as ‘cousins.’ They have yet to undertake any missions together (save a single battle in New Mallenor during the Götterdämerung Event), but should they do so, they are likely to be virtually unstoppable together.

With the Black Sun poised to restore the Aboleths to power, it seems the Riskbreakers have their job cut out for them.


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