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Khaylen the Great, AKA Imperium, a battle master.
Archmage Senthas Laelithar, AKA Shadokhan.
Archdruid Dydd
Cerebremancer Shahid Murad Draracle


The Ravenguard was formed in 20 AV in the Kingdom of Mallenor by Dydd, though in time her ward, Khaylen, assumed leadership by virtue of his natural charisma. Its original mission was to battle the Church of Hredd which had taken control of Mallenor.

Hredd, an evil deity of Winter and Death, had manifested her church after the Fall of the Varn. Her dark and brutal ways were soon a major threat to the Land, but the world was still reeling after the devastation wrought by the War of the Varn.

In their quest to dismantle Hredd’s church, the members of the Ravenguard performed many legendary deeds, including Dydd’s slaying of Ashardalon; an ancient and extremely powerful red dragon who wished to gain immortality by Hredd.

After successfully killing every cleric of Hredd, and destroyed all her temples, the Ravenguard had systematically obliterated the deity’s presence on Erdos. After that, the group supported Khaylen’s goal to unite the world under a single banner. Thus, the Iron Empire was formed.


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