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Ithaquel Elang’Draeon
Aelthas Laelithar
The Black Wind
Thadral Dorgan
Jon Malker
Fulgore Glanorin

The Sovereign Lords of Brightstone Citadel, more commonly known simply as the Brightstones, are an adventuring band currently operating on Erdos. As their name suggests, their Headquarters are the City State of Brightstone Citadel, located in the Hash-Lath. They are currently believed to be the most powerful group of active adventurers with near-legendary personal combat power, as well considerable political and financial pull. In may ways, they are a world power.

The group was originally called the Dagon Mercenary Company and was created by the raessarai Ithaquel Elang’Draeon in 1727 AV. Its original members were Ithaquel himself, two Knights of the Black Rose (Thadral Dorgan and Kristofer Von Strom), and Jon Malker.

In one of their very first missions, the Dagon’s crew was commission by professor Aelthas Laelithar to investigate hidden Vaults that Shadokhan may have left behind. Aelthas later abandoned his former job at the Arcane Academy and became a full member of the team. In 1728, the stregoni known as the Black Wind also joined the team, but Kristofer Von Strom had to retire back to Lordonor for personal reasons.

The group then focused their adventuring on the Hash-Lath, the Untamed Lands. They were instrumental in brokering peace between the area’s tribal orcs and humans inhabitants, stopped a war between the local barons and dukes, and finally, in 1732 AV, they destroyed a cult of devil-worshipers that operated out of an old derelict fortress known as Brightstone Keep.

The team decided to use the Keep as their base of operations, and to expanded into a full-fledged castle. They also discovered why the place was called ‘Brightstone’ in the first place. Beneath the old keep, was a forgotten magicant mine which the group took advantage for even greater financial gain. Because of that, other settlers begun moving in and building houses for themselves to take advantage both of new working opportunities and the protection of a powerful group of adventurers.

As a result of that, Ithaquel pushed for the keep to be recognized as an independent City State; Brightstone Citadel.

Since then, the newly rechristened Brightstones continued their adventuring career all over Erdos, becoming increasingly famous, influential, and powerful. Currently, they have expanded their adventuring career to the Outer Planes, and are more planeswalking adventurers than strictly Erdosian. Their missions of late have taken them from the battlefields of the Blood War to the Elemental Planes. They have, of late, undertaken the immense task of locating and destroying the dreaded demilich, Acererak, and his various Tombs of Horrors he has built throughout the multiverse with the intent of sucking out the latent energies of dead gods to turn himself into a dark god.

To that end, they are supported by the mysterious Lord Kosh, who in turn serves as their patron and something of a mentor on behalf of the Regulators.

The Brightstones have forged strong bonds with the Riskbreakers. Because of overlapping interests, friendship, and Maia’s familial relationship with Aelthas (and to a lesser degree, her romantic relationship with Lord Kosh), the Brightstones and Riskbreakers affectionally refer to each other as ‘cousins.’

The Brightstones have an airship, the BCS Dagon, which also serves the Citadel’s Flagship. Her crew is composed mostly of draelar retainers of Ithaquel. Her Command roster is as follows:
Captain – Ithaquel Elang’Draeon
Executive Officer – Black Wind
First Lieutenant – Elerath Senthaelion
Science Officer – Aelthas Laelithar
Security Officer – Thadral Dorgan
Chief Medical Officer – Fulgore Glanorin
Operations Officer – Jon Malker


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