Black Thorns

The Black Thorns—or Black Thorns of the Rose—was a team of adventurers that operated during the Great Rebellion and was composed of the leaders of the Black Rose alliance.

Their leader was Kaenus Elang’Draeon, with Damian Von Redlore second in command. This reflected their status as co-leaders of the Black Rose Alliance. The other members were: Raede Phoenix, a human pirate lady; Jherym Zaniras, a mage from Danaheiraj; Benjamin Vestbringer, a priest of Magnus; and Roth Boltsyn, the rightful heir to the dwarven throne.

The Black Thorns did not solely compose the leadership of the Alliance. Other notable leaders were the Emerald Queen Talindra Moondawn, Tanaras Eveningshade, and a few others. But it was the Black Thorns who also undertook dangerous missions and fought personally against the Last Imperium himself.

Today, 200 years after the end of the Great Rebellion, only Kaenus and Damian are still alive. Raede’s descendants formed House Phoenix, Roth’s son, Oskar Boltsyn is the current King of the dwarves, and Jherym’s descendants are still influential nobles in Danaheiraj. Vestbringer sired no children.

The Black Thorns were legendary in prowess and all of their members are remembered as the heroes who liberated the world from Iron Empire to this day.

Black Thorns

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