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  • Shadow Force

    Shadow Force is the preeminent special operations unit of the Dorianorian military. Unconventional warfare, espionage, counter-intelligence, and assassination are its tools of trade. Shadow Force operatives--known as Shades, though the term is …

  • Strants Phoenix

    -It's not uncommon for powerful adventurers to become famous for their exploits; the public hungry for news of their affairs. Strants Phoenix is no exception. House Phoenix is the most important and powerful noble house in the Hegemony of Dorianor …

  • Narinn Uroshkan

    [[:lorgar-uroshkar | Lorgar's]] brother. He is a member of [[Shadow Force | Shadow Force]]. Trained the [[Riskbreakers | Riskbreakers]] how to skydive during the ECC-1736 Riskbreaker's shakedown. Directly assisted them during the Camp Omega Rescue Mission.