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  • The Iron Empire

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    _"There is only_ one _truth, prince! I am Khaylen the Great. Leader of the Ravenguard, Conqueror of the Lands. Immortal Monarch of the Iron Empire, Source of Authority. For now and forever, I… am…_ Imperium!_"_ There has been an unknown number of men …

  • Shadokhan

    Born 36 years before the War of the Varn, the diamond drae Senthas Laelithar displayed a talent for magic from an early age. As soon as he graduated from the Akualinorian Academy of Arcane Sciences with a Master on Transmutation magic, he became employed …

  • Dydd

    Dydd was born 50 years before the Fall of the Varn, in Merniash, the primary domain of the emerald elves. Not much is known of her early life other than that she joined a druidic circle of the Land. Her real name was Kaessenva, which in Draenish means " …

  • Jaquel Jherym Draracle

    Jaquel Jherym Draracle is a person of complicated history. In the world of Kjeldorn, records state that he was born about 60 years ago in Draklund, the ancestral Draracle Lands. He was the son of the war-hero Jherym Mossat Draracle. As a child, he was …