Lands of Erdos

Session 12
Guardheim Inferno

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On their way to Guardheim, Maia, Lorgar, Dalek, Lidrael, Shamus, and Cid met up with a coven of druids. They learned that a small army of kuo-toa were attacking the city. Despite Dalek’s protests (who believed it was dangerous to go towards an army of kuo-toa with both shards in hand), the team decided to head to the city and help its defenders.

They managed to establish contact with Clio’s Knights of the Black Rose, and fought alongside the city’s defenders to repel the kuo-toa, as well as save whomever they could.

During the fights however, they discovered that most of the kuo-toa commanders were in fact hijacked by Intellect Devourers. They surmised that with the high-priest dead, the Mind Flayers had taken command of the remaining kuo-toa—though they could not tell why they were attacking the city.

Cid meanwhile received a telepathic call for assistance from Ambassador Richter Von Stein. The team fought their way to the embassy to save him. Within, they could corpses of soldiers—their brains sucked out of their heads, telltale signs of Ilithid presence.

And then, as they approached the doors that led to Richter’s office, the broken corpse of an Ilithid flew from inside, and Richter emerged from within. During the short conversation that followed, Richter revealed he was the one behind it all (even using his powers to disguise himself as an elf to throw them off his scent). The mind flayers had attacked the city in an effort to kill him.

Richter demanded the adventures to give him the two shards, which they denied. Unavoidably, a fight ensued. Richter wiped the floor with them, severely injuring most of them (Maia and Shamus escaped for reinforcements), killing Lidrael and Lorgar and claiming the shard from Cid (who was mentally influenced—though not dominated—by the spellcaster). Richter then transformed into a swarm of bats and left the city. He was now in possession of all three shards.

End of Season 1

Session 11
The Final Vault and the Living Cube

Within the vault, aside from the usual automatons, the team discovered an odd creature; a modron; an extraplanar mechanical creature of Law, hailing from the Plane of Mechanus. Identifying himself as Dalek Modron, he claimed he came to Erdos thousands of years ago, while he and his company passed through Erdos during one of the Great Modron Marches.

However, as chance would have it, just as he was to pass the portal that would lead him to his next destination, the Varn activated the Planar Seal, cutting off the world from the other planes and stranding him on Erdos. Cut off from Mechanus and from Primus; his god and creator, he malfunctioned and gained independence—he became a rogue modron. He resided on Erdos for centuries, eventually taking up the study of magic and eventually finding employment in Sentinel Serpent as an arcane architect.

Dalek Modron revealed that it was in fact he who designed the three vaults to contain the three shards. However, he did not know what the shards contained. The vaults were built during the War of the Varn and on the day the shard was placed inside, the city above was destroyed by an Oblivion Bomb. In order to survive, Dalek sealed himself inside the vault, unfortunately trapping himself inside in the process. He spent the last 1700+ years in suspended animation—something he called his ‘sleep mode’ until he was awakened by the adventurers.

With Dalek’s help, Cid, Shamus, Lorgar, Maia, Gildor, and Lidrael proceeded further inside the vault, finally reaching its core chamber. A pair of powerful automatons, the Vault Guardians, assailed them. The battle was extremely fierce, and the adventurers were on the losing side. At that point, Lidrael manifested her true form and power: she was a deva; an angel sent by Marduk. With her help, they managed to turn the tide and destroy the Vault Guardians and claim the Shard.

Lidrael explained that she had been disguised as a human for months, trying to figure out the purpose of these cults and their kuo-toa allies. The group then decided to go back to Guardheim. However, Gildor would not follow. While they were dungeoneering in the Vault, he had received magical communication from Akualinor. He had been recalled by the navy to undertake a mission that involved his father. With that, he and the team parted ways. Dalek Modron for his part, decided to stay with the party and assist them in whatever way he could.

Session 10
Fall of the Kuo-Toa Archpriest

The team pushed forward until encountering the priest himself and, after a fierce fight, slew him and entered the Vault. Around that time, Lidrael confronted Cid about the nature of his magical powers. When he first met the other is Blumont, the stregoni claimed he was nothing more than a mere aristocrat. However, after acquiring the Dodecahedron (which he kept in his possession) he started manifesting magical powers. He had claimed that the shard had merely awakened his latent sorcerer power.

Lidrael revealed otherwise. The nature of the spells Cid employed, as well as some of his other magical powers, were the hallmarks of a warlock, and specifically one of the Fiend pact. Cid claimed ignorance.

Session 9
Raosteinian Cavern Complex Crawling

 photo Halatali_zps0sg7bmxg.jpg

After a, surprisingly peaceful, encounter with a patrol of Sons of Imperium, the team finally made their way to some ancient ruins. According to the coordinates they had decrypted, they believed the Vault should be underground.

However, a mind flayer attacked them.

They managed to drive it off, though the creature claimed it was there merely to test their prowess, and not really to kill them, and then the creature plane shifted away.. Unfazed, they continued towards the bowels of the ruined city and the caverns below. There, they found the last remnants of the cultists as well as a slew of kuo-toa and a few aberrations. They discovered that the kuo-toa High Priest himself was overseeing the excavation to the Last Vault, and had brought a pair of Umber Hulks to assist.

Session 8
In Search of the Last Vault

The team did not wish to get involved with the politics of Raostein, their objective was the Final Vault. They also did not want to associate with Ambassador Nightshade as they had grown paranoid by now and feared that he might in fact be the Spectator’s Master (draenic features and all). They sought the audience with the local Eranheinan ambassador, the stregoni Richter Von Stein. Richter was intimately familiar with the cultists that operated in the area and they felt they had an opportunity to gain information on their enemies.

Richter did tell them all he knew, but it wasn’t of much help. According to him, the Sons of Imperium were pretty thorough, and for the most part the cultists’ organization was dismantled. Kuo-toa were still sighted occasionally, but the Sons had dealt a might a blow against them as well.

The group decided to rest for the evening, and begin the journey towards the assumed location of the third Sentinel Serpent vault the next morning. However, Cid decided to visit the ambassador again. The conversation the two had, quickly took an odd turn due to Richter’s innuendo of knowing more about Cid’s family than even the young baron did. And then, Richter unleashed a powerful spell on Cid, incapacitating the adventurer. He then proceeded to charm him using undefined magical powers.

Cid returned to his comrades with them none the wiser. The next day they along with Lidrael begun the long trek towards the vault.

Session 7

On their way back to the city, the team realized they were regularly scried on. They surmised that the Spectator’s master was behind this, as he now had visual confirmation of their appearance through the Spectator’s eyes.

Back in the city, Katrice Redetta had her analysis ready. The Dodecahedron was indeed a fragment of a larger object. The completed object was an Imprisonment Gem, meaning that someone or something was contained within the artifact. Because it was split it pieces, she could not tell what was inside, but she knew that if someone were to unite the pieces, they would be able to free it whatever it was.

Redetta also introduced them to Lidrael, an adventurer that was currently operating in Raostein. Lidrael was a mind-priest of Marduk (a warrior with some divine and psionic powers). She was currently involved in battles against an extensive network of cultists in league with the kuo-toa. During her adventures she had uncovered a mysterious piece of paper.

Decoding the contents of the paper, the team figured out that it was a map of some kind, made by Sentinel Serpent. They realized that the fragments where three in number, and that the Third and final Vault was in Raostein. They decided to get there before the kuo-toa and the cultists. Lidrael joined them.

Portaling to the city of Guardheim, Raostein’s capital, the team linked up with Strants Phoenix and Clio Justfire, old friends of Lorgar. Through them they were briefed on the current situation. There was indeed a cult operating in the area, but it was mostly put down by the Sons of Imperium who acted as private military in the area.

Because of their success in dealing with the cultists, the Sons of Imperium pushed for political recognition, and the right to build a stronghold in Raostein. Guardheim’s ruling council was considering that possibility and an extended conference was held during those days to debate the matter. For its part, the Hegemony of Dorianor opposed this, and had sent the head of the Dorianorian Diplomatic Corps, PrincessAeldryn Elang’Draeon in Guardheim. The princess was collaborating with the local Dorianorian Ambassador, the half-elf Nightshade.

Session 6
The Second Vault

After navigating forests, dealing with bandits, entering a cavernous complex, utterly destroying a basilisk with it barely realizing what hit it, and fighting off monstrous spiders (including one of the phazing variety), they discovered they were too late. The vault was open, its automatons destroyed, and filled with aberrations.

In the room that was supposed to hold the Second Fragment, there was a Spectator waiting for them. The creature was polite, and explained to them that its master had commanded it to guard the place until the team that had taken the Dodecahedron arrived. He requested that they deliver the shard to it, and never bother with their plans again. The team did try to discover more information, but the only thing the Spectator knew about the one who had summoned it, was that he had draenic (elven) features. Inevitably, a fight broke out, but the adventurers emerged victorious. However, after the creature died, its body disintegrated into bright dust that hovered in the air and created a single sentence: “I know who you are now.”

Session 5

After celebrating their saving of the town, the team sailed to Chandenzran. There they met up with professor Katrice Redetta who agreed to help them, though it would take some time for her to run a full analysis of the artifact.

While waiting, the team discovered reports of ‘fish-men’ attacking travelers in the north, including reports from another band of adventurers regarding an underground vault. Fearing that the kuo-toa may have found another Sentinel Serpent vault, the team traveled there.

Session 4
Island of the Dead

 photo darkness-photos-4_zpsxoktcuih.jpg
Exploring their new location, the team finally made its way through a jungle to a small town in the north-western shores of the island. Unfortunately the place was infested with the undead. Linking up with the town’s survivors who had barricaded themselves in the local temple of Emoric, the team discovered that that a Wight was responsible for their current plight.

The team collaborated with the locals and using the old sewers, they infiltrated the Wight’s stronghold, which until recently was the local lord’s manor. Fighting through skeletons, zombies, and ghouls, the team finally found the wight and destroyed it. Almost immediately, the zombies that were in the town fell down dead.

Session 3

 photo forest_trees_js_zpsvzkvjdtn.png

After resolving the matter of Arolin’s death, and restoring Maia’s mind, the adventurers traveled to Maia’s grove, where her mentor Wolfclaw might help them with the Relic they discovered in the Vault.

Wolfclaw had little to offer them. The relic appeared to be some kind of Imprisonment focus, but it appeared to be only a fragment of a whole. It also held psionic energies. Wolfclaw directed them to Chandenzran, where they could meet Katrice Redetta, a psychic researcher. She should be able to help them.

Gildor managed to secure passage on an airship for Chandenzran. Unfortunately, it was eventually revealed that three members of the crew were cultists. A battle ensued, and though the adventurers were victorious, the airship crashed on a small island near Chandenzran. The adventurers were the only survivors…


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