Lands of Erdos

Session 2
The Magicant Mine

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The party continued its exploration of the Magicant Mine.

Gildor scouted ahead, and saw a small group of humans coming their way. He quietly retreated back to his comrades and they quickly staged an ambush.

The ambush went without a hitch. Within moments, the humans were dead and they had captured a prisoner.

Interrogating him, they discovered that all of the so-called ‘missing’ miners were in fact part of the same cult. They appeared to be worshiping some kind of ‘fish-people.’

The cultists had discovered an ancient vault from the Age of the Varn while digging through the mine. The fish people were interested in that, and wanted to come check it out. That’s why the cultists hid in an attempt to cause the ‘missing persons’ crisis. When that didn’t work, they just killed a random townswoman in a dark ritual to scare the authorities away. Furthermore, the Divine Ones, these fish-people, were already here and were attempting to open the vault.

Without wasting time, the party moved on to find, and if possible, stop the fish-people. They had to bypass a pair of rust monsters first, which they did, before they got their first glimpse of these fish with legs and arms.

They were Kuo-Toa. And they weren’t friendly.

After a few encounters with the kuo-toa, the adventurers finally reached the sealed vault, where the Kuo-Toa Whip (the leader of the expedition force within the mines) and the last surviving cultists were trying to open the huge metal door.

A short battle ensued, of which the adventurers emerged victorious.

The Whip had a Wand of Magic Detection on his person, as well as a strange rod-like device that was apparently some sort of key for the vault’s doors.

The Door itself was engraved with the symbol of Sentinel Serpent, an ancient Mechana Guild from the Age of the Varn.

Eventually, the adventurers managed to use the key properly and opened the vault’s doors. They proceeded within the ancient edifice. It was derelict for the most part. Rusted parts of ancient automatons littered the place. However, there seemed to be nothing in their path. No active defenders. No traps. Whatever defenses this place was designed to have, they had long malfunctioned. Except for one.

In the vault’s final chamber the party came upon what must have been the Kuo-Toa’s objective. It was a relic of some kind, made of jade and shaped like a dodecahedron the size of a fist. It was suspended in the air, above a glowing magic circle. In front of it, an ancient, fully operational automaton hovered slightly above the ground.

The automaton was not openly aggressive. It spoke to them in ancient Aldanelian, a dead language that only Cid Von Hessel was slightly familiar with. He deduced that the automaton was asking who they were. Whatever answer Cid offered it, the automaton denied him entrance and seemed to warn them of violence, should the proceed further.

In the end, violence could not be avoided. To the party’s surprise, the automaton proved to not be a particularly challenging foe. However, the relic itself was beyond their reach, as the moment battle broke out, the became semi-transparent and intangible.

The party deduced that the automaton had activated a device that had partially shifted the Relic to the Ethereal Plane. Soon enough, they managed to deactivate the device, and the relic was now theirs.

They decided to head back to Ral Arolin, but they also agreed to keep the Relic’s presence a secret. Cid attuned himself with the relic, which game him certain resistances to psychic energies while he wore the relic as an amulet.

The next day, back at Arolin’s, the gave their report of the events. While at first Arolin behaved in much the same way he had the last time they talked to him—calm and professional—he begun to be more assertive, intimidating even. He spoke little of the Kuo-Toa, dismissing them as slaves who had lost their path.

He also demanded the adventurers to hand him the relic.

This surprised them. How could he know? They had kept it a secret. Arlin ordered his bodyguards to attack, and he joined the fray as well.

The nobleman and his bodyguards were no match for the adventurers though. However the encounter did have a surprise. Cid was now using magic. He claimed it was the relic which had awakened his latent sorcerer powers. Though they weren’t sure if they believed him, none of them could know he had been a warlock all along.

Within moments after Arolin’s death, his head exploded, and from within an Intellect Devourer emerged from within and attacked. Lorgar finally managed to kill it, but not before it had sapped Maia of all her mental faculties.

When the dust settled, the adventurers were in midst of a few corpses within Ral Arolin’s personal study. They would have to be quick if they wanted not be accused of Arolin’ murder…

Session 1
Trouble in Blumont

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Second Dragonsday of Enak, 1736 AV
Town of Blumont, Ravnor, Grosgant

Hegemony Second Lieutenant Lorgar Uroshkan, a dragonborn neophyte member of the Knights of the Black Rose had recently arrived on the town of Blumont to begin his Errant Quest—a free roam throughout the Lands in search for opportunities to test his mettle and promote the interests of the Hegemony of Dorianor. His arrival had not gone unnoticed; Blumont’s mayor quickly enlisted his services towards the investigation of a series of disappearances and a confirmed murder—all of them resulting in the closing down of the local magicant mine.

As chance would have it, the mine was of great interest to Cid Von Hessel, a baron from the Stregoni United Nation. Hessel was a member of a noble merchant house in Eranhein and had recently secured a lucrative deal with the mine’s owner; Ral Arolin. According to the deal, Arolin would ship a fixed percentage of all magicant mined in Blumont, and then ship it to Eranhein for House Von Hessel to exploit. Cid had just arrived, via airship, to Blumont in order to sign the final contract.

A deal to transport magicant can’t work without a solid plan of transportation. Airships should be chartered and Cid Von Hessel had taken care of that thanks to a halfling magician named Harry. Harry’s real name however, was Shamus O’Shameless. Shamus, trained in the magical bardic arts, was a conman by trade but his latest scheme just so happened to be completely legal. Shamus managed to secure and negotiate a contract between Cid and an airship transportation company owned by the dwarf Vonren. With an Akualinorian airship chartered by Vonren, Shamus followed Cid to Blumont, seeking an opportunity for a new scheme.

On that very same airship a diamond elf named Gildor Lúinwë, a former sky pirate and Akualinorian privateer. Always looking for job and alcohol, Gildor never fitted in with his fellow draelar. But his skill in… problem-elimination was superb and it didn’t take long for him to make contact with some of Blumont’s local merchants who hired him to investigate the murders that led to the closing of the mine. But Gildor was not the only drae interested in the magicant mine…

The emerald elf Maia, an apprentice druid, was sent to Blumont to talk with Ral Arolin. The local druid circle was concerned that the mine’s presence might disrupt nature’s balance and Maia was tasked to explain these concerns to Arolin and make sure that the mining would continue only with the utmost respect to the Land. Maia encountered Gildor who explained to her that the mine was closed due to a strange, ritualistic murduer and several disappearances. The two decided to temporarily partner up as Maia thought she should also discover who or what is behind this.

And so, these five adventurers, each for his or her own reasons, found themselves before Ral Arolin with a singular question: “What happened in Blumont’s magicant mine?”

According to Ral, there has been a string of disappearances over the past month and a half or so. All of the missing persons were miners. Some were lost within the mine. Others, within the town itself under mysterious circumstances. Tensions rose as people started demanding that the mine be closed until the case was resolved.

Everything came to a head with the discovery of woman’s corpse, right outside the mine’s entrance. The woman was not a miner, and her corpse was placed in a way that was evidently part of some occult ritual. The Mayor and the Captain of the Guard had no choice but to finally order the closing of the mine, pending further investigation.

Ral Arolin asked the budding adventurers to investigate the murder and the disappearances. The mines must open. Magicant must flow.

The adventurers did not waste time. Gildor managed to make contact with the local Thieves’ Guild. Lorgar inquired at the local temple. Cid questioned the mayor for more information. Maia spoke with the miner’s guild boss, while Shamus asked around for more info on the missing persons and the dead woman.

Collating all information, the adventurers came to the following conclusions:

  • Some of the missing miners were close. They had emigrated from Raostein.
  • The woman by all accounts seemed entirely unconnected to the mines, the miner’s guild, and the missing persons.
  • It is evident that someone wants the mine closed.

They decided that the next course of action should be investigate the mine itself. They requested a guide to lead them inside the labyrinthine mine complex. Four miners volunteered. Maia was suspicious of this. They only needed one guide, but the miners claimed they would only go in together out of fear of what might be inside. Having little choice, the party decided to take all of them along.

Within a few hours, the party of adventurers and the four guides were inside the mine. Slowly making their way deeper and deeper into the mine, the adventurers were on edge, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Until their guides tried to intentionally activate a trap to kill the party.

It did not work, and after a short skirmish, the miners were dead—though an effort was made to capture one of them alive, it did’t work out.

Knowing that something must be going on within the mine, they decided to carry on their exploration…


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