Weapon (greatsword), artifact (requires attunement by a paladin or cleric)


The Vindicator was forged by the Galaxar Angel Mariel, the 45th Guardian of Worlds. Mariel was the first Guardian to employ paladins and she believed they should have a unique holy sword of their own. Thus, the Vindicator is fundamentally a holy avenger weapon with a hint of the power held by the Guardian’s own weapon; the Sword of Nexus.

The Vindicator was given to many divine champions of the planes, regardless of if their faith was to the Guardian of Worlds. When Rune became the 47th Guardian, he had the habit of delivering the weapon to his Tetherbloods. One of them, was Darius, a Psion’Xull/Angel hybrid, who was also Mariel and Rune’s son.

Darius betrayed the Guardian, and joined the Entropic Host in order to become the new Demolisher of Worlds, becoming known as Knightmare. In the process, he corrupted the Vindicator by bathing it in Mariel’s blood. He has since gifted it to his own champions, particularly those that were Oathbreaker Paladins of the Guardian.

The Vindicator was last seen at the hands of a dragonborn death knight, one more oathbreaker paladin corrupted by Knightmare. Rune has revealed to Lorgar Uroshkan, that this death knight is in fact one of Lorgar’s ancestors and that the undead oathbreaker has been recruited by Richter Von Héssel to battle the Riskbreakers.

If ever the Vindicator is restored, it has following properties:

Magic Weapon. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. When you hit an aberration or an undead with it, that creature takes an extra 2d10 radiant damage.

Magic Implement. Clerics and Paladins can use this sword as a spell focus. When you hold this weapon in your hand, you gain a +3 bonus to spell attack rolls.

Cosmic Aura. While you hold the drawn sword, it creates an aura in a 10-foot radius around you. You and all creatures friendly to you in the aura have advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects, and cannot be forced into another plane of existence against their will. In addition, if a creature hostile to you attempts to use any kind of teleportation magic within the aura, it must first make a Charisma Saving Throw (the difficulty is your Spell Save DC). If it fails, it remains in place and the magic is wasted. If you have 17 or more levels in the paladin class, the radius of the aura increases to 30 feet.

Dimensional Cutter. This weapon has 6 charges. You can use a bonus action and expend 2 charges to cast misty step or banishing smite. You can use an action and expend 3 charges to cast teleport or planeshift (willing creatures only). The misty step, teleport, and planeshift spells cannot be prevented by planar locks or other magical effects (such as the force cage spell) nor can they be counterspelled by anything less than deific intervention or the wish spell. The sword regains 1d6 charges daily at dawn.



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