The BlackBlade Armaments


The Blackblade Armaments

Weapons (several kinds, mostly swords), artifacts.

Not to be confused with the Erdosian Grand Guild of the same name, the Blackblade Armaments are a series of legendary magical weapons created by the undead creature known as Blackblade. They are mostly found on the material world of Kjeldorn, where Blackblade himself operates.

Blackblade, a revenant under to command of the deity Hredd (goddess of winter and death), was ordered to forge these weapons for her various champions. The overwhelming majority of these weapons are sentient. Most of them are also evil, though some neutral exceptions do exist.

All Blackblade Armaments share the ability to destroy and absorb each other’s power. Many of them actively seek to do just that. It is believed that if an Armament absorbs enough power, it will attain the ability to become a Godslayer weapon. This prospective ability was Blackblade’s only means of mutiny against his deific overlord.

Blackblade himself was once Shahid Murad Draracle, an Erdosian cerebremancer (psychic/mage) and the son of Murad Draracle; the last Grand Master of the Blackblade Armaments guild (hence his eventual name and the name of his weapons). By a strange twist of Fate, he was born with the ability to single-handedly create artifacts, a trait ordinarily encountered only in deities and cosmic entities.

Before his enslavement by Hredd, Shahid was a member of the Ravenguard and, along with Senthas Laelithar, created Imperium’s axes; Havoc and Malice. After Hredd enslaved him unto undeath, she utilized his unique gift to create some of the most dreaded weapons in all of Kjeldorn.

Blackblade hoped, that eventually one of his weapons would achieve Godslayer status and eventually be used against Hredd herself.

Eventually, as luck would have it, he was given the opportunity to steer things even more towards this eventuality. The mythic paladin, Volaran, managed to temporarily restore Shahid both to freedom and life. In turn, Shahid forged an Armament for his benefactor: Corona, a unique and mighty Holy Avenger, and the only one of the Armaments that is lawful good.


The BlackBlade Armaments

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