Orbital Outpost, artifact


Designed and built at the height of the Age of the Varn, Stargazer was a global effort towards a better understanding of the cosmos led by the Varn themselves. Its ultimate goal was to serve as a jumping point for further space exploration.

Its construction began in -80 and was completed by -14. Unfortunately, the War of the Varn broke out merely three years later, putting an end to the station’s peace-time mission.
During the War, both factions claimed ownership at one time or another. The last to operate it were Ovi’s forces. It was believed to be destroyed however, until a group of adventurers discovered a sigil sequence that led to the orbital station’s primary portal in 1736 AV.

Stargazer is composed of several modules, each made by a different country of ancient Erdos. Each module (except for the Cupola and Zvezda) is a 50-feet diameter sphere that contains an extradimensional space making it effectively much bigger on the inside.

Unfortunately, most of the modules have been destroyed, including Harmony, where a Replication Forge was held.

The remaining modules are:

Unity. The central module. It holds a single Class IV magicant engine, the only one of its kind, ready to power the station. The Class IV not only uses magicant, but can also absorb vast amounts of latent, inert magis from outer space. Its estimated maximum output exceeds 20,000 MV.

Cupola. Meaning ‘dome’, the Cupola module was designed by ancient Eranhein. It is the station’s observation deck, and holds Stargazer’s remaining portal. Unlike the other modules, its size is real, there is no extradimensional space.

Destiny. Destiny holds the various crews quarters.
Thénaesu. Meaning ‘science’ in Draenic, this module was used to hold a biosphere and assist in life support. By far the largest of the modules internally, it still holds a small wooded area over a thousand years later.

Zvezda. Which means ‘star’ in Dwarvish, this module is also without an extradimensional space. It serves as the Stargazer’s single remaining bay area.



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