ECC-1736 'Riskbreaker'

Gargantuan vehicle (airship, spelljammer), legendary


The ECC-1736 Riskbreaker was designed during the War of the Varn by Blackblade Armaments. It was never assembled however, its components hidden inside a vault designed by Sentinel Serpents. The joint venture between the two guilds was known as Project Riskbreaker.

Intriguingly, the Riskbreaker was never intended to be a weapon for the War of the Varn. The cerebremancer and master artificer, Murad Draracle, specifically designed the ship as a tool to be used in the distant future, long after the War of the Varn. Contemporaries aware of Project Riskbreaker note that Murad had somehow acquired knowledge of the future, and made the ship to be used in some unspecified conflict in a time yet to come.

The ship’s name was derived from this fact; it was considered a major risk to devote resources in designing a spelljamming airship in the midst of the War of the Varn and not actually use it in the conflict. Its registration code, ECC-1736, stands for Explorer Class Cruiser, though it was never made clear what 1736 meant.


ECC-1736 'Riskbreaker'

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