Phoenix Blade


However, it was his sword she held as the most impressive item on his person. It wasn’t exactly a rapier as she originally thought. It was long enough but—judging from its scabbard—not thin enough. It wasn’t a broadsword either—despite having a basket hilt, and an elaborate one at that. It looked golden and rubies (or some other red gem) adorned its surface. The whole thing had a shape that reminded Evarent of a bird, though she couldn’t be sure as it was upside down while sheathed.
—Vass Detsikas, Shadows of Imperium

Phoenix Blade
Legendary magic weapon (rapier), requires attunement

Property: You gain +2 bonus to the attack rolls and damage rolls you make with this rapier. In addition, when the number you roll on the d20 for your attack roll using this weapon is 20, your target takes 2d6 extra damage.
Property: As an action, you can cause flames to erupt from the blade. The flames emit bright light in a 20-foot radius and dim light for 20 feet beyond that. The flames last until you speak the command word again or until you drop or stow the item. Your attacks made using the weapon while it’s flaming deal 2d6 extra fire damage.
Property: You gain resistance to fire damage.
Property: Once per day, you can cast fireball.


Phoenix Blade

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