Rebellion & Revolution

Weapons set (swords), legendary (requires attunement)


“With blades no more than twenty inches long, they could barely be called short swords. Broad and straight, their shape was in a style resembling the old hoplite swords the ancient Dorians favored before the Age of the Varn.
Despite their shortness, the weapons were magecrafted masterpieces. The cutting edges were matte black rather than glossy silver—an invaluable feature for weapons meant for stealth. Rugged stripes in various dark shades of green, gray, and brown covered the flat of the blades, forming a camouflage pattern. The swords were identical, save for the cross guards: one was moss-green, the other a blood-red so dark it was almost black.”

These two swords were forged by Prince Damian Von Redlore in the year 1710 as a gift to his two most loyal Shadow Force operatives, the brothers Jarred and Rlan Lysraelock. Their most striking feature is that they are made of Tenebrium steel.

Jarred was killed during the Lysraelock Manor Massacre in 1726 AV, and Rebellion was inherited by his brother, now in possession of both swords. When Rlan too died of cancer, both weapons passed on to Jarred’s daughter, Evarent Lysraelock.

With Evarent currently being a military cadet in Dorianor, the swords are safely kept in Damian’s vault until she graduates.

Rebellion and Revolution are twin swords with the following properties:

Polymorphic. With a bonus action, you can have the blades change form. Rebellion and Revolution each have two forms: short sword and longsword. In addition, they can merge to form a double-bladed staff or a longbow.

Short Sword Form. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these magic weapons. In addition, you can make an additional attack with either weapon when you use your bonus action using two-weapons fighting.

Longsword Form. In this form, Rebellion and Revolution function as Vorpal Swords.

Blade Staff. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. In addition, you can have your attacks with a reach of 10 ft. Your reach is still considered 5 ft. for purposes of opportunity attacks.

Longbow. You gain a +3 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this magic weapon. In addition, you are considered to be wearing bracers of archery when attacking with this longbow.

Tenebrium Steel. Rebellion and Revolution cannot be detected by magical means. They register as non-magical and are invisible to scrying sensors.


Rebellion & Revolution

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