Raithéken Draishe

Weapon Set (longsword & scimitar), uncommon (requires attunement)


Draishe are sets of elven blades that serve as the badge of office and honor for diamond drae raessarai warriors. Typically, a draishe consists of a thénova (draenic katana) and a malykithae (draenic wakizashi).

The Raithéken (which means ‘Lightning Wind’) is a draishe developed by the Age of the Varn guild; Crescent Moon Works. The Raithéken was designed for use by raessarai engaged against draelin vinral (ruby elf ninja).
As a magic weapon set, both weapons count as one item for purposes of attunement, but in order for their magic to work both weapons must be attuned with, and in the possession of, the same wielder.

The Raithéken has the properties of a Weapon of Warning.


Raithéken Draishe

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