Havoc & Malice

Weapons set (two battle axes), artifact (requires attunement)


“Havoc! Malice! To me, my beauties!”

Havoc and Malice are perhaps Erdos’ most legendary weapons. They were designed and created by the Cerebremancer Shahid Murad Draracle (AKA The Blackblade) and Senthas Laelithar (AKA Shadokhan), members of the Ravenguard, in the year 25 AV with the intent of using them against Hredd, the Winter Goddess.

Though technically forged after the end of the War of the Varn and the destruction of the Blackblade Armaments Grand Guild, the guild’s emblem was engraved on them by Shahid, as he was the son of Murad Draracle, the last Blackblade Armaments Headmaster, Master Artificer, and owner. Thus, Havoc and Malice are considered the last products of the illustrious and legendary Grand Guild.

Years later, Shadokhan would write on the circumstances regarding the creation of the Axes—though he omitted many of the technical details.

Ordinarily, mortals lack the ability to forge godslaying weapons (or artifacts for that matter), but strangely, Shahid Draracle was born with that ability, the reason remaining a mystery to this day (Shadokhan hypothesized it was a random mutation affecting Shahid’s body and soul due the various epic magical effects that were tossed around during the War of the Varn).

Senthas and Shahid intended for the weapons to be wielded by Khaylen, the warrior of their party, who favored dual-wielding battle-axes (and who had by that time, recovered the Aegis Armor, another Blackblade Armaments artifact). Thus their prime shape was decided.

In order to give them sentience—but one that would not turn against them—the two mages combined aspects from personality imprints taken from all of the Ravenguard. For instance, since most of them were proud and ambitious, the axes also became that. Dydd’s personality is perhaps the reason why the axes consider themselves female (whereas most sentient items are gender-neutral). Their penchant for disintegration was not a desired effect, by a side-product of Senthas’ particular love for the disintegrate spell.

According to official history, the axes were used to destroy Hredd’s angels. During a climactic battle, the goddess herself sent an avatar to face the Ravenguard, but upon realizing the threat posed by the weapons, she decided not to risk it and left the battlefield.

The axes remained by the side of the members of the Dynasty of Imperiums, until the Last Imperium was killed in 1526 AV. They were then hidden by Damian and Kaenus.

The Sons of Imperium hold the Axes and the Aegis Armor as Imperium’s Regalia. Only if one acquires both (and convinces the axes to serve) is worthy to become the next Imperium. It has long been a quest for Jeremiah Addus, leader of the Sons of Imperium, to claim them as his own, and become Imperium.

Havoc and Malice have the following properties:

Polymorphic. With a bonus action, you can have Havoc & Malice can change form. They have three forms: Axes (their primary one), Rods (used for storage and also functioning as Immovable Rods), and Guns. In gun form they function as ranged weapons requiring the hand-crossbow proficiency and their damage is 2d8 force.

Charges. Havoc and Malice have 6 charges and regain 1d6 charges per day at dawn. The charges can be used by the Disintegration Field and the Disintegration Beam abilities described below.

Vorpal Weapons. You gain a +4 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with these magic weapons while in Axe form. While in this form, they also function as a Vorpal Sword.

Disintegration Field. While Havoc and Malice are in Axe form, you can use a bonus action and expend 1 charge to have them become wreathed in a disintegrating field for 1 minute.
While the weapons are wreathed in this field, you deal an extra 3d8 force damage when you hit with them. If this damage reduces a creature to 0 hit points, the creature is destroyed, as if it was affected by the disintegrate spell. The axes automatically disintegrate a Medium or smaller nonmagical object or a creation of magical force if hit. If the target is a Large or larger object or creation of force, the axes disintegrate a 5-foot-cube portion of it. Magic items are unaffected.

Disintegration Beam. While Havoc and Malice are in Gun form, you can use an action and expend 1 charge to combine them into a single riffle and cast the disintegrate spell (DC 19). This version of the spell cannot be counterspelled.

Godslayers. When you hit a deity that has less than half of its hit points with this weapon, the deity loses its ability to discorporate upon reaching 0 hit points for one hour. Reducing a deity to 0 hit points with its disproportion ability suppressed, kills the deity.

Sentience. Havoc & Malice are sentient neutral weapons with an Intelligence of 16, a Wisdom of 20, and a Charisma of 20. They have hearing and darkvision out to 120 ft. They apparently consider themselves female. They communicate by transmitting emotion to the creature wielding them or carrying them. Occasionally, they emit strange, metallic sounds like screams or laughter.

Personality. Havoc and Malice are glory seekers. Their intent is to be wielded by an individual of legendary proportions and thus transcribe themselves into the annals of history. The more ambitious the potential wielder, the more likely it is that the Axes will accept him or her as a wielder. As such, they do not consider themselves with notions of good and evil, or law and chaos. If the wielder is worthy, they will serve regardless of their morality. They enjoy combat in all its forms and crave for the opportunity to face a god in battle.

Independent Mobility and Action. Havoc and Malice can move on their own volition when necessary. They have a fly speed of 40 ft. They cannot attack on their own and they do not have the strength to carry a person or heavy objects. If not wielded, they can use their disintegrating abilities to bypass objects when necessary, but they will never use their abilities in a hostile manner without a wielder, except—on occasion—against someone who attempts to wield them against their will.

Attuning with Havoc & Malice. As stated above, Havoc & Malice will only accept certain individuals to wield them. This means actually convincing them of their worthiness. If a creature attempts to wield or hold the items without the Axes’ permission, they transform into rods and activate their immovability. In extreme circumstances, they are not above casting disintegrate on a wielder they absolutely do not wish to move them.


Havoc & Malice

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