Aegis Type

Armor (full plate), legendary (requires attunement)


Aegis Type armor is a recent development of the Sons of Imperium. They are essentially mass produced, lesser versions of Imperium’s Aegis armor.

There are at least two such suits of armor in existence; one is worn the Death Adder, the other by Astrae Aessir. It is unknown if there are more.

The Aegis Type has the following properties:

Magic Armor. The Aegis is a magic full plate armor which grants a +3 bonus to AC. It also grants you a +2 bonus to Strength (maximum 20).

Magic Resistance. While wearing the armor, you have advantage on saving throws made to resist the effects of spells and other magical effects.

Visor Display. While the armor’s helmed visor is engaged, you have truesight out to 30 ft.

Wings of Steel. You can use a bonus action to unfurl steel wings from the back of the armor. You gain a flying speed of 60 ft.


Aegis Type

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