Aegis Armor

Armor (full plate), artifact (requires attunement)


Widely believed to be the most advanced suit of armor ever created, the Aegis was the crown jewel of Blackblade Armaments. It was developed during the War of the Varn by a team of mechanists led by Murad Draracle and Shadokhan. Its purpose was to enable ordinary mortals to stand against a Varn without resorting to a Titan Armor. The armor’s first user was Ovi Varn’s champion. It was later inherited by his son, Imperium, and the rest of his dynasty.

It is currently stored in a secure vault in Starlight City. Addendum: It has been revealed (by Lorgar), that when the Death Adder attempted his coup, he stole the armor from Starlight City, though he does not wear it until he also acquires Havoc & Malice.

The Aegis has the following properties:

Magic Armor. The Aegis is a magic full plate armor which grants a +3 bonus to AC. The armor also functions as a belt of storm giant strength and a cloak of protection.

Magic Resistance. While wearing the armor, you have advantage on saving throws made to resist the effects of spells and other magical effects.

Visor Display. While the armor’s helmed visor is engaged, you have truesight out to 60 ft. You are also under the effects of a mind blank spell.

Wings of Steel. You can use a bonus action to unfurl steel wings from the back of the armor. You gain a flying speed of 60 ft.

Fortified Immune System. While wearing the armor, your Constitution score increases by 2, to a maximum of 20, and you are immune to poison damage, the poisoned condition, and all diseases. In addition, at the start of each of your turns, you receive the effects of a greater restoration spell.


Aegis Armor

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