Thadral Dorgan

The Widowmaker


Hegemony Force Captain Thadral Dorgan (OBR-retired), Sovereign Lord of Brightstone Citadel.

Male human. Age 33. Height 199cm, Weight 100kg. Blue eyes, long black hair.


Thadral Dorgan was born on 1703 AV in the City of Lordonor. Along with his childhood friend, the stregoni Kristofer Von Strom, they joined the Dorianorian Force Academy and later the Order of the Black Rose.

Taking up the Errant Quest, the two Knights joined Ithaquel Elang’Draeon and Aelthas Laelithar in forming the Dagon Mercenary Company circa 1727 (what is currently known as the Brightstones).

From then on, Thadral made a name for himself as a ferocious warrior, some likening him to an unstoppable fighting machine. He is considered the most belligerent of the Brightstones, though those who have come to know him personally consider him a rather laid-back individual.

A year after the group took control of Brightstone Keep, Thadral resigned his commission to the Hegemony and retired from the Black Rose in order to become one of the Sovereign Lords of Brightstone.

He is still an active adventurer along with the rest of the Brightstones.

Thadral Dorgan

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