The Archmage Supreme


Born 36 years before the War of the Varn, the diamond drae Senthas Laelithar displayed a talent for magic from an early age. As soon as he graduated from the Akualinorian Academy of Arcane Sciences with a Master on Transmutation magic, he became employed in the Blackblade Armaments guild of Danaheiraj.

When the War of the Varn broke out, Senthas sided with the forces of Ovi Varn along with the rest of Blackblade Armaments. During that time, he and Guildmaster Murad Draracle developed the Aegis; the most sophisticated magic plate armor—essentially a powered exoskeleton.

During the war, he befriended a young emerald drae druid called Dydd.

When the war ended, Erdos was left in ruins. All of the great Guilds, including Blackblade Armaments, were devastated. Murad Draracle himself was killed during the war. Senthas briefly retreated in isolation in Danaheiraj. While there he helped train and raise Shadid Draracle (Murad’s son).

In 19 AV, at the behest of Dydd, Senthas and Shadid traveled to the Kingdom of Mallenor to help against the newborn Church of Hredd; an evil goddess of winter and death. Senthas, Shahid, and Dydd joined forces with the young Khaylen (the son of Ovi’s champion).

Senthas and Shahid repaired the Aegis for Khaylen and also crafted two incredibly powerful axes for him; the Havoc and Malice. Thus armed, Khaylen and his new allies formed the Ravenguard; a legendary band of adventurers.

Along with the rest of Ravenguard, Senthas was instrumental in obliterating Hredd’s Church and effectively ending the dark goddess’ worship on Erdos. Furthermore, Senthas assisted Khaylen in conquering the Kingdom of Mallenor, and then most of the world. Around that time, in a private ceremony, he and Dydd got married.

After Khaylen II crowned himself Imperium, Senthas devoted his life to arcane research. He mastered Conjuration and in 120 AV, he reinvented the lost teleportation spells. His monumental success was marred by the passing of Dydd. After a period of mourning, he portaled to another world called Kjeldorn where he remained for 43 years.

It is unclear what transpired while he stayed on Kjeldorn, but most theories suggest he met a great master of magic who tutored him in greater and deeper arcane secrets. When Senthas Laelithar returned to Erdos on 226 AV, he was a changed man. Now called Shadokhan and transformed into a lich, his power had increased exponentially. Now a master of all Schools of magic, he devoted his life in further research and advancement of magic. In time he upgraded his rotting body in the form of an izernlich.

Shadokhan’s experiments were dreadful, but resulted in monumental advances in magic. Many of the spells used today, were lost during the War of the Varn but were rediscovered or reinvented by Shadokhan. For that he became known as the Archmage Supreme.

Shadokhan met his final end in 1522 AV, at the hands of Kaenus Elang’Draeon and Damian Von Redlore. His legacy however, still lives on.

He has two extant descendants: Maea Kaessenva Laelithar and Aelthas Laelithar.


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