Richter Von Héssel

The Leader of the Black Sun


Cid’s grandfather, Richter is identified as the leader of an extensive network of cultists known as the Black Sun.

He is known to be a Warlock of the Old Ones, and an exceedingly powerful one at that. During his first combat encounter with the Riskbreakers, he singlehandedly defeated them all (after killing the Deva Lidrael and Lorgar) and gained the remaining Imprisonment Shards. That is after he had also slain a mind flayer sent after him.

His ultimate plan is not fully understood, but it is believed he is in league with the Aboleth race and works towards their return and ultimate domination over Erdos.

There is a warrant out for his immediate apprehension and/or death.

A few months later, the Riskbreakers fought Richter again in New Mallenor when he cast the Götterdämerung spell. In that fight the Riskbreakers killed him. They later discovered that he was still alive—possibly by being resurrected. In fact he had a clone spell cast.

Richter is still at large, plotting his revenge.

Richter Von Héssel

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