Regulator 26

Riskbreakers Case Officer




26 is a member of the Council of the 33, the leaders of the planar organization known as the Regulators. Not much is known about him and even amongst the 33, few know his real name. He was recruited by Regulator 13 (aka Lord Kosh) and is known to be close to Regulator 00; the Guardian of Worlds himself.

He is the Riskbreaker Case Officer, in other words the person responsible for the creation and coordination of the Riskbreakers Project. While the Riskbreakers mostly deal with Lord Kosh and Rune himself on a personal level, in actuality it is 26 who handles most of the on-hands affairs and who monitors their ongoing progress.

26 spent decades preparing the field and orchestrating the meeting of the founding Riskbreakers in Blumont over a year ago. It was 26 who rescued the infant Maia when the airship carrying her and her parents crashed 30 years ago and who manipulated the druid Wolfclaw’s dreams to lead him to her (Wolfclaw believed the dreams to be visions from Nature). He also arranged the original meeting between Cid Von Héssel and Blumont’s Lord Arolin and the subsequent deal regarding the Magicant Mine. Under the guise of a halfling, he helped Shamus O’Shameless hide from his family and set him up with the Airship Chartering Company which he used to make a deal the Von Héssels and Arolin regarding the transportation of the Magicant mined in Blumont. He planted evidence leading Galthryn Aessir to Svyatosneg-Gorny, allowing the mage to meet Boris Orlov. All carefully calculated by him and Rune in the hopes of forming an adventuring team capable of fighting the Black Sun.

26 has officially only met the Riskbreakers thrice, but he often exists in their periphery, using one form or another. When Maia and Galthryn were interred in Camp Omega, it was 26 who leaked the information to the C.I.D. and Shadow Force. It was also he who informed Delta Green when the Riskbreakers travelled to Planet Earth.

The nature and extent of his abilities is unknown, but he is believed to be a very powerful mage.

In fact, he is none other than Senthas Laelithar, aka Shadokhan, the Archmage Supreme.

Regulator 26

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