Daughter of Chronepsis


Horopsis is an ancient being. Her father was the draconic god of Fate, Death, and Time, Chronepsis, while her mother was a red dragonborn priestess.

Even from an early age, Horopsis had an innate talent for manipulating divine magic. But she was neither interested in becoming a priestess herself, nor following Chronepsis whose total disregard for her and her mother had grated her.

She turned her loyalties to Rune, the 47th Guardian of Worlds, and became his Paladin.

An unknown number of centuries ago, the creature known as Knightmare, corrupted her and recruiter her into the Knights of Entropy, the conceptual opposite of the Guardian’s Knights of Nexus.

Eventually, Knightmare gifted her the corrupted Vindicator. In the process, Horopsis transformed into an undead death knight.

For reasons unknown, Horopsis allied with Richter Von H├ęssel, presumably in order to destroy a descendant of hers, Lorgar Uroshkan, who was also a paladin of the Guardian.

During the Battle of Al-Rajim, in 1737, Horopsis engaged the Riskbreakers in battle. While at first she was indestructible, Lorgar managed to purify the Vindicator, depriving her of her effective immortality. He the slew her, presumably once and for all—though such matters are never laced with certainty when it come to divine entities.


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