The Deva Angel


Lidrael was an adventurer operating in Raostein. She assisted the PC in their search for the Third Vault. Katrice Redetta—a professor at Chandenzran—was the one who made the introductions.

Lidrael had in her possession a piece of paper taken from a Kuo-Toa Monitor. Deciphering the paper, the adventurers discovered the location of the Third Vault.

Claiming to be a ‘mind-priest’ of Marduk, Lidrael utilized both divine and psionic capabilities. During the fight against the Vault Guardians, she manifested her true form and power as an angel in the service of Marduk.

After acquiring the third Imprisonment Shard, Lidrael escorted the PCs back to Guardheim, which was being attacked by Kuo-Toa. It was there that the party encountered Richter who demanded the shards be given to him.

It the battle that ensued, Richter singlehandedly killed Lidrael using a Power Word Kill spell. It is assumed that Lidrael was not completely destroyed, her angelic spirit having gone back to the Seven Heavens.

Her armor (a studded leather +1) is now worn by Maia.


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