Lord Kosh

The Immortal Planeswalker


Male human (apparently), age unknown (claims to be immortal). Height 194cm. 100kg. Green eyes, long black hair.

Usually dressed in black clothes and often sporting a long coat in same color, often leather. Occasionally may wear red.


The mysterious Lord Kosh is a planeswalker with an unclear agenda. He is usually encountered in the planar metropolis, Sigil. While there, he encountered the Brightstones and formed a professional relationship with them.

When asked what he is a lord of, Kosh’s response is “of many things over the ages.”Black Wind has gone on record that Kosh is the “only person alive who gives me the creeps.”

Kosh has taken a liking of the Erdosian adventurers, and offers exorbitant sums of money in exchange for missions which they undertake. While there is no doubt that the missions usually involve the defeat of some great evil (often demonic in nature) the Brightstones can’t shake the feeling that Kosh has a darker agenda.

He is very well-connected, with access to information few can boast. He also seems to have a solid grasp of Erdosian history and has intimated he has visited the planet before, without offering any more information on the subject.

Kosh is mentor to the Brightstone Thadral Dorgan, whom he tutors in advanced forms of combat. It is with him he has the closest relationship among the Brightstones.

When the Riskbreakers first traveled in Sigil in search of Aelthas Laelithar, they met Kosh in the Brightstones’ manor in Sigil. Unexpectedly, Maia took a fancy to him. The two appear to maintain some form of intimate relationship since then, occasionally seeking the companionship of each other. Since meeting the Riskbreakers he has expressed a certain interest in their dealings, though his primary focus remains the Brightstones.

Kosh has not displayed any overt supernatural abilities. He does have a solid grasp of magic, but nowhere near the level of Archmages such as Aelthas Laelithar. What he has displayed however, in sparing matches with both Brightstones and Riskbreakers, is an unmatched mastery of armed combat.

Usually with a smile on his face, Kosh is profoundly arrogant and aloof and can alternate between rudeness and politeness seemingly on a whim. He is an avowed hedonist and his sense of humor is never far from him, to the point that some may not take him seriously. However, those that know him better, such as the Brightstones, know better than to underestimate him or his ruthlessness and ambition.

Kosh has hinted that ‘Kosh’ is not even his real name, but no one seems to know his true identity. He is in fact a Regulator: No 13 of the Council of the 33. He is particularly close with No. 26 and the Guardian of Worlds himself.

Lord Kosh

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