The Ancient King-Priest of the East


Originally called Kanriel, Kan-Ra was an Aldanelim-Aeonian. He was a first-generation immigrant that came on Erdos on board the Pillar of Heaven from the aldanelim homeworld of Hedem approximately 4,700 years ago. Presumably he was a member of the original Seekers of Power and according to the Ascended King, he personally knew the infamous Karl Weisner back in Hedem, before the latter took part in the colonization of Kjeldorn.

Kanriel took a sizable part of his colonists to the east, to the lands of Hantaraj, where he founded a kingdom of his own and became known as Kan-Ra.

At some point in his life, he switched his allegiance from the Archangels to the demon princes of the Abyss and specifically Dagon. Somehow he became aware of future events and specifically the Elfwar and the events that would lead to the Aeonians become cursed into the Stregoni. The level of clarity he had regarding these future events is unclear. Some accounts point to the fact that he did not, in fact, had a vision of the future, but simply knew of the curse as was developed by Karl Weisner and Nyarlathotep in Kjeldorn, and predicted a similar event would occur on Erdos. But in order to grow his legend, he pretended knowledge of the future.

Regardless, to avoid that fate, he had slaves built him a great pyramid whereupon he entered and was embalmed into the form of a mummy. Thus he attained immortality. Truly, a full thousand years after his embalmment, the Elfwar broke out and the drae deity, Raelross, cursed the aldanelim-aeonians with the Blood Curse. It was probably during the Elfwar that Kan-Ra shifted his entire pyramid to the Shadowfell, to avoid being dragged into the conflict. A few years after the Elfwar, the Varn manifested on Erdos and activated the Planar Seal, effectively barring Kan-Ra from returning to the material universe—though it is highly debatable if indeed he wished to return.

As it were, the ancient king-priest of the east was forgotten.

In late 1736 AV however, the Götterdämerung event took place. The leader of the Black Sun Network, and chief agent of the Aboleth Empire, Richter Von Héssel, cast a massive ritual over New Mallenor with the intent of opening a gateway to the Far Realm. He was stopped by the Riskbreakers, who afterwards discovered that the ritual itself was developed by Kan-Ra.

Seeking information on the possible association between the Black Sun and Kan-Ra, the Riskbreakers discovered his pyramid on the Shadowfell and proceeded to investigate…


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