Kaenus Elang'Draeon

The Hegemon of Dorianor


His Majesty, Kaenus Elang’Draeon, the Hegemon of Dorianor

Male diamond elf. Age 240. Height 179cm, Weight 70kg. Diamond eyes, white hair.


Much like his close friend, Damian Von Redlore, Kaenus is a living legend. In 1518, Kaenus formed the Black Rose Alliance and launched the Great Rebellion against the Iron Empire.

Kaenus was the leader of the Black Thorns and by extension the entire Alliance. He was also the one who dealt the killing blow to the Last Imperium.

Born in Akualinor on 1496, Kaenus was raised to be a Raessarai—a warrior in the service of the Diamond Conclave. Since a young age, Kaenus was vocal on the potential threat the Iron Empire represented to Akualinor. However, the Akualinorian policy of Noninterference had been in effect for over a thousand years and the Diamond Conclave denied each and every request Kaenus made towards a change.

In the end, Kaenus denied his status as raessarai and snuck away from the flying island. On Limoch, he met Damian and together they formed the Black Rose Alliance.

During the late stages of the Great Rebellion, the Iron Empire discovered the hidden location of Akualinor and launched a massive assault to the island with the intent of unlocking the Citadel of the Varn. Kaenus intervened and took command of Akualinor’s defenses, successfully stoping the Empire’s invasion.

After the rebellion ended, Kaenus was restored as a raessarai, but the loose federation of states that formed in Limoch requested of him to become their leader. Thus the Hegemony of Dorianor was born.

Kaenus is largely considered one of the greatest tactical minds to ever walk on Erdos. He is known to think many steps ahead of his enemies, and even today, in a time of relative peace, he considers possible events long before they become a reality, and acts accordingly.

Kaenus Elang'Draeon

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