Ithaquel Elang'Draeon

The Iairulsen Master


Raessarai Ithaquel Elang’Draeon, Sovereign Lord of Brightstone Citadel

Male diamond drae. Age 48. Diamond Eyes, white hair.


Ithaquel was born in Caer Narelian, the capital of Akualinor, in 1688 AV. He is the nephew of Kaenus Elang’Draeon.

Ithaquel is a raessarai, a noble Akualinorian warrior, similar in nature to real-life samurai. As such, his foremost duty is the defense of Akualinor.

The owner of the AAS Dagon, Ithaquel used the airship to gather a crew of soldiers and founded the Dagon Mercenary Company, which in time would come to be known as famous Brightstones.

In one of the company’s first missions, Ithaquel was recruited by Aelthas Laelithar to research hidden Vaults left behind by Shadokhan. Aelthas later joined the group.

Ithaquel is officially the team’s leader (and he definitely serves as battle commander), but in practice the core members of the Brightstones are considered equals (as is usually the case with adventuring bands).

After taking control of Brightstone Keep, Ithaquel successfully pushed for it to become a city-state, with him and his comrades as rulers.

As a warrior, Ithaquel is known to be an unmatched swordsman, particularly specializing in the technique of ‘killing-on-the-draw.’ Much like his uncle, he is also a very capable tactician.

Ithaquel remains an active adventurer along with the rest of the Brightstones.

Ithaquel Elang'Draeon

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