Immortal Monarch of the Iron Empire


“With a flourish, the black-haired man ripped his ragged, brown cloak away from his body. Beneath it he wore a flowing coat of black leather, its edges lined with silver, its sleeves covered by gauntlets, its lapels connected with thin iron chains that ringed as they touched the steel breastplate beneath.

The coat was unfamiliar to the prince, but not the raven-emblazoned badge affixed to the man’s right lapel, nor the black armor the leather coat was covering. Its enameled plates were cut with the utmost precision, interlocked with mechanisms of unparalleled complexity. He knew this armor; entire songs had been written about it.
Imperium lowered his head and plates extended from his back, covering his head. Piece by piece, a visor formed over his face. Three glowing red lines came to life were a normal helmet would have eye-slits. Damian had indelible memories dominated by the triple v-shaped crimson glow of that visor."
—Shadows of Imperium

Male human. Height 194cm, Weight 100kg. Green eyes, black hair.


“There is only one truth, prince! I am Khaylen the Great. Leader of the Ravenguard, Conqueror of the Lands. Immortal Monarch of the Iron Empire, Source of Authority. For now and forever, I… am… Imperium!"

There has been an unknown number of men claiming the title Imperium; all of them claiming to be the original Khaylen the Great.

Khaylen was the son of the warrior Caleb Kholen, a soldier in the service of Blackblade Armaments and Champion of Ovi Varn during the War of the Varn. Khaylen was born on 1 AV. His mother died shortly after birth, and as his father struggled to built the Kingdom of Mallenor, he sent the child in the care of the Druids of Mallenor. There, the young Khaylen was raised primarily by the druid war-hero Dydd.

By the time Khaylen reached adulthood, the Church of Hredd had spread throughout most of Athanor. Dydd formed the Ravenguard to combat the Winter Goddess’ influence and Khaylen was a founding member of the group. Before long, his superior charisma made him the de facto leader of the group.

After the Fall of Hredd, Khaylen and his Ravenguard were instrumental in forging the Iron Empire, conquering most of Erdos in the process. He proclaimed himself Imperium and claimed he had become the Champion of Garagom, the god of might. As such, he was rendered immortal and reigned over Erdos for 1500 years.

Or so the Imperials claimed. The original Khaylen died sometime in the 90s. His sons took on his identity and mantle and ruled in his stead. The lie was revealed by Azion in 1516 AV.

In 1526 AV, the Last Imperium was killed by Kaenus Elang’Draeon, ending the Iron Empire once and for all. In the final battle, the Last Imperium admitted he was never the Chosen of Garagom.

Imperium’s Regalia, the powerful Aegis armor and his twin axes, Havoc and Malice, were taken and hidden by the victorious rebels. It is said that only one who has all three can lay claim to the title of Imperium.


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