The Ever-Loyal


Ages ago, the gods of the Astral Plane fought against the primordials of the Elemental Chaos over control of the Material Universe. This conflict is known as the Dawn War.

It was during that time, that the Deva Angel known as Geryon was recruited to serve Angra, the god of Law and master of the Outer Plane of Baator. The one who recruited him was a Solar Angel known as Asmodeus.

As the Dawn War was heading to a close, and a victory for the astral gods, Asmodeus instigated a rebellion against Angra. The first of Angra’s angels to support him were Geryon and Mephistopheles. With their help, Angra was destroyed by Asmodeus, his name stricken from History and forever-since known simply as He-Who-Was.

The rebellious angels feasted on the blood of Angra, in the process both ascending and damning themselves. Thus, the first Devils of the Multiverse were given birth. Asmodeus assumed control of Baator—now rechristened as the Nine Hells of Baator.

The Dawn War concluded, and the Ages rolled on. Geryon continued to serve Asmodeus even though he was not made one of the Lords of the Nine. This changed when Levistus, Lord of the Fifth, orchestrated the assassination of Bensozia, Asmodeus’ consort. It was Geryon who unveiled the plot and though he was not able to stop it in time and prevent Bensozia’s death, his actions were pivotal in allowing Asmodeus to at least save the twelve hellspawn Bensozia was carrying in her womb.

For his transgression, Levistus was eternally imprisoned beneath the icy wastes of Stygia. Geryon was promoted in his place, and became the new Lord of the Fifth. In addition, he was sworn to secrecy about the hellspawn. Official infernal records dictate that only Glasya survived her mother’s death. The other eleven hellspawn were hidden by Asmodeus and kept in stasis.

Geryon’s position in the Infernal Hierarchy changed again during an event known as the Reckoning of Hell. The Lords of Hell rebelled against Asmodeus, led by Mephistopheles. Geryon was ostensibly on their side, until the final, decisive battle, where he revealed his true colors and his eternal loyalty to the one, true King of Hell.

When the dust settled, and much to the surprise of everyone involved, Asmodeus did not demote or destroy his treacherous archfiends. The entire affair was a ploy orchestrated by him to prove to his lieutenants that there was nothing they could do to overthrow him. Even more surprising was that he reinstated Levistus as Lord of the Fifth and demoted Geryon—the one Lord who was loyal the whole time. (Though Levistus was never physically liberated from the ice)

Seemingly ostracized, Geryon went into a self-imposed exile, wandering the Planes. In reality, he had undertaken a secret mission for Asmodeus. His task; to locate the Da’at Crystal Shard containing the Mind Essence of Xyphron, one of the two Metatron Angels.

After centuries of searching, he located the shard in a material world, the planet Erdos. Geryon’s stealing of the Da’at was the reason behind the Aldanelim-Aeonians’ galactic colonization project; itself a front for the Seekers of Power, whose mission was discover what happened to the Da’at. After delivering the Da’at to Asmodeus, Geryon was given a sliver of a dark and hidden truth, as well as a new mission.

The truth was Asmodeus’ true identity. That he was in fact no more than an avatar of Ahriman, the supposedly dead Cosmic Serpent of Law and Evil. Not only that, Angra too was another avatar, and the original rebellion against He-Who-Was was nothing more than a ruse set up by Ahriman to bring forth a more suitable persona for his ongoing plans. When Asmodeus and his fallen angels drank from Angra’s blood, they in fact drank from Asmodeus’ own, true blood, becoming devils of Ahriman.

The mission Geryon was given was that of a steward and an advisor. Asmodeus released the eleven hidden hellspawn; Blossus, Namara, Enak, Enader, Varia, Liria, Onia, Markust Arkos, Alturak, and his firstborn; Khar. Much to Geryon’s surprise, none of the Hellspawn knew of their nature, and Asmodeus had modified their psyche to minimize their infernal evil as much as possible, while heightening their altruistic drive. Asmodeus’ reasoning was that there is no better agent of hell, than the one that does not know his true nature. Even so, they would need guidance to ensure that they promoted Asmodeus’ agenda. To that end, the King of Hell enhanced Geryon and gave him powers comparable to that of the near-divine hellspawn. Thus, Geryon became Ovi Varn. And all twelve of them were sent back to Erdos to promote the Time of No Religion. Even Geryon did not know what purpose Asmodeus’ plans served, but ever-faithful, he did his task as ordered.

Though given the powers of a Varn, Geryon was not truly one of them—he was not one of Ahriman’s Hellspawn. This meant that, unlike them, he could bear children of his own. From time to time, mortal lovers would beget children. Geryon was quick to eliminate them when that occurred. One, however, survived. A stregoni campion that eventually gave rise to House Von Hessel.

It appeared that, despite Asmodeus’ efforts, the infernal lust for power could not be completely suppressed. Khar Varn, firstborn of Asmodeus, cast down his role as benign guardian of civilization and attempted to become a true god. Thus the War of the Varn begun, and Geryon was ordered to put down his brethren to cover-up the whole affair.

After that, Ovi Varn returned to Hell. His Varnian powers were taken back, and he became Geryon once more. Currently he serves Glasya, one of the surviving hellspawn—and the only one not sent to Erdos.


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