Evarent Lysraelock

Damian's adopted daughter


Female human. Age 19. Height 175cm. Weight 68kg. Green eyes, brown hair.


Born to the couple Jarred Lysraelock and Melinda Relmand Lysraelock, Evarent was raised in Lordonor. Her parents were members of Shadow Force and her uncle was the previous Captain of the Guard of Lordonor. Melinda Relmand herself, was Damian’s protege before joining Shadow Force. As a result, Evarent grew up close to Prince Damian Von Redlore who was also her godfather.

After the events pertaining the Lysraelock Manor Massacre, the now-orphaned Evarent was briefly raised by her uncle Rlan before he too passed away. Damian officially adopted her then and raised her as the daughter he never had.

Currently, Evarent is a cadet in the Dorianorian Force Academy, training to be an army officer.

Evarent Lysraelock

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