The Slayer of Ashardalon


Dydd was born 50 years before the Fall of the Varn, in Merniash, the primary domain of the emerald elves. Not much is known of her early life other than that she joined a druidic circle of the Land. Her real name was Kaessenva, which in Draenish means “Virtue.”

When the War of the Varn broke out, Dydd fought on the side of Ovi Varn. During the conflict, she befriended a young mage called Senthas Laelithar. After the war, Dydd stayed in Athanor, helping the survivors rebuild the world. Caleb, Ovi Varn’s champion, trusted her with raising Khaylen and in many ways the druid served as a surrogate mother to the child.

Around that time, Dydd came into conflict with priests of Hredd, a goddess of winter and death. Hredd was a primal deity, strongly connected to primal nature. As a result, even druids venerated her. However, in Dydd’s eyes, Hredd was a corruptor of Nature and not a true Nature Deity. Because of that, Dydd resolved to stop Hredd’s influence on Erdos and dismantle both her newly-founded church and the druid circles which served her.

However, it was a losing battle. Before long, Hredd’s church had total command of the Kingdom of Mallenor. So Dydd decided to form an adventuring band to battle her influence.Dydd and her ward, Khaylen, traveled to distant Danaheiraj to recruit her old friend and lover, Senthas, to the cause. Alongside came Senthas’ apprentice, Shahid Murad Draracle. The new team became known as the Ravenguard and were instrumental in wiping out the Church of Hredd. Though at first Dydd was the team’s leader, in time, Khaylen’s charisma led him to becoming Ravenguard’s de facto leader, something the druid was in fact very happy with.

During their ongoing quest, Dydd ran afoul of an extremely powerful red dragon known as Ashardalon. Dydd and the dragon had crossed paths during the War of the Varn and she had sworn a blood oath to kill him. The great wyrm had pledged himself to be Hredd’s champion and had become a major destructive force in the world, laying waste to entire cities. Dydd eventually fulfilled her blood oath and personally slew him in a climactic and legendary battle, tearing out Ashardalon’s very heart.

After Hredd’s defeat, the Ravenguard took control of the Kingdom of Mallenor, with Khaylen as its ruler. Khaylen took on the title of Imperium, and expanded his kingdom into the Iron Empire. Dydd’s personal ethos did not fall completely in line with Imperium’s views of a single authority uniting the world, but Khaylen’s charismatic ways and her love for Senthas (whom she had married in 27 AV) convinced her to assist her comrades.

By the time of the Iron Empire’s formation, Dydd had become recognized as the Archdruid of Erdos. She declined an active position in Empire’s hierarchy (though she was officially an Imperatrix), instead secluding herself to the Druidic circles near Tower Korangar (Senthas’ personal domain). Despite this, she maintained a regular connection with all the Ravenguard and it is believed that the Empire’s industrialization was tempered by her influence.

Dydd passed away in 120 AV. She died of natural causes, which was unusual considering she was not particularly old (and her archdruid status had greatly extended her natural lifespan). However, she had grown weary with the world and longed to join nature herself. From a certain point of view, Dydd allowed herself to die.

She was survived by her husband and her son. The few extant members of House Laelithar are her descendants, though they are mostly known as Shadokhan’s progeny.

Archmage Aelthas Laelithar is known to be a descendant of Shadokhan but by default is also a descendant of Dydd. However, it is Aelthas’ cousin, the druid Maia, who walks a path much closer to the one Dydd did. Among the various druidic circles, the young druid is increasingly referred to as “The Blood of Dydd.”

Addendum: In 1736 AV, Maia and the Riskbreakers met an old reclusive druid calling herself Kaessenva. She was actually Dydd, though Maia at the time did not know Dydd’s real name to make the connection. She later discovered the truth however. Dydd had faked her death, concealing the truth even from her ward, Khaylen, and her husband. The reason was that she no longer wished to go on with Khaylen and Shadokhan’s agenda, but also couldn’t bring herself to go against her two most beloved people.

A few months later, Dydd passed away (for real this time) and her funeral pyre was lit by Maia herself. Shortly before she died, Dydd saw that all members of the Ravenguard were in fact still alive (or sort of alive in the case of Shadokhan and Shahid). In her final moments, she made her peace with Khaylen and Shadokhan.

Months later, Maia and Galthryn encountered Dydd’s spirit in Arborea, along with the spirits of Maia’s parents, whom she had never met in life.


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