Damian Von Redlore

The Crown Prince of Eranhein


His Highness, Prince Damian Von Redlore, Heir to the Ebony Throne of Eranhein and Sovereign of Lordonor City.

Male stregoni. Age 242. Height 190cm, Weight 80kg. Yellow eyes, white hair.

Damian prefers dressing in comfortable, casual clothes on a daily basis, but when the need arises, he wears elaborate aristocratic clothes befitting his station.


Born in 1494, Damian is the son of the late King Eldonor Von Redlore and Queen Eliza Von Redlore.

In 1516, he assumes a false identity and joins the heroic priest Azion in an attempt to rebel against the Iron Empire. They succeeded in liberating Danaheiraj, but upon their return to Limoch, Eldonor Von Redlore was killed during an event known as the Last Stand.

This forced Damian to briefly part ways with Azion, and during his absence, the rebel army was caught in an ambush and annihilated by Imperium’s forces in 1517.

A year later, the Akualinorian draelar raessarai, Kaenus Elang’Draeon attempted to raise a new army of rebels. Damian soon joined him, and together they formed the Black Rose Alliance and its elite team of warriors, the Black Thorns.

After the Great Rebellion was successfully concluded, Damian founded the City State of Lordonor, north of New Mallenor in Athanor. Though Damian is the heir to Eranhein’s throne, he barely spends any time in the capital, instead concentrating on running his city, something that Queen Eliza disapproves.

It is well known that Prince Damian and Hegemon Kaenus have remained close friends. As such, Damian (and by some extension the entire United Stregoni Nation) is Dorianor’s closest ally.

Damian Von Redlore is an extremely powerful warrior, capable in both spell and sword. Very few mortals could stand against him in battle. He is also a master weapon-smith, generally regarded as Erdos’ greatest living mechanist when it comes to arms and armor.

He has an adopted daughter, the human Evarent Lysraelock, daughter of two very close friends of his who were killed 11 years ago.

Damian Von Redlore

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