The Black Wind

The mysterious stregoni


The Black Wind, Sovereign Lord of Brightstone Citadel

Male stregoni. Age unknown. Height 189cm, weight 80kg. Unknown color of eyes, unknown color of hair.


The stregoni known as the Black Wind is a mystery covered in an enigma. Nobody knows where he came from or what his real name is. He joined the Brightstones (then still known as Dagon Mercenary Company) in 1728 and has been a core member of the group since.

It is understood that the rest of his companions known of whatever secrets Black Wind holds, but to the rest of the world, all that is known is that he is a grim, no-nonsence fighter-mage.

People who have met Black Wind claim he is creepy and unfriendly. A few have even alluded to the possibility of him being a True Vampire, but the Brightstones have claimed otherwise (Black Wind regularly walks in the light of the sun and it has been demonstrated he uses no magical wards to protect himself from sunlight).

Along with the rest of his comrades, he remains an active adventurer.

The Black Wind

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