Jaquel Jherym Draracle

The Blackblade Revenant


Jaquel Jherym Draracle is a person of complicated history.

In the world of Kjeldorn, records state that he was born about 60 years ago in Draklund, the ancestral Draracle Lands. He was the son of the war-hero Jherym Mossat Draracle. As a child, he was the sole survivor of a savage devil-assassination plot meant to end his family (as House Draracle had long been a family of dedicated Devil Slayers).

His history continued on. As an adult, he married his childhood sweetheart, Marion of House Volaran, direct descendant of the legendary paladin Volaran. The couple gave birth to two children, Erika and Vass.

Tragedy struck, when the couple finally fell victim to another assassination plot orchestrated by devils.

That should have been in the end of it, until years later, the now-adult Vass Jaquel Draracle, engaged in battle with the undead revenant known as the Blackblade, discovered his father was not only his nemesis, but had a much longer and complicated story.

In truth, the person known as the Blackblade, was actually born over a thousand years ago, and not on Kjeldorn, but on Erdos, just 2 years before the end of the War of the Varn.

His actual name was Shahid Murad Draracle, the only son of Murad Draracle; the last master of the Grand Guild Blackblade Armaments.

As an Erdosian Human, Shahid has access to psionic powers. Like his father, he was also a brilliant mage, specializing in mechana. An orphan of the War of the Varn, he was nevertheless taken care of by Senthas Laelithar, who was a friend of his father.

For reasons that were never understood, Shahid possessed the unique ability to design and create mechana of unlimited capabilities. Basically, he could create artifacts.

He and Senthas eventually joined Dydd’s Ravenguard. Their mission: to eradicate the Church of Hredd. Believing the possibility of having to face an avatar of the goddess was great, Shahid and Senthas created Havoc & Malice.

After the Ravenguard mission was concluded, Shahid and the Ravenguard assisted their leader, Khaylen, to unite the world under the banner of one nation: the Iron Empire.

Years later, Hredd attempted to take her revenge on the Ravenguard by sending powerful angels on a mission of assassination. The angels largely failed their task. Except for Shahid. Only he was not left truly dead. Hredd had something else in store for him.

Hredd had recognized the unique power Shahid possessed, and wanted to take advantage for her own plans. She transformed him into an undead, a revenant. But she had enslaved him to her will. The new creature became known as the Blackblade. Hredd set him loose on Kjeldorn, the world she held the most power over.

The Blackblade was used as Hredd’s agent, an enforcer of her will. He was also tasked with building artifacts for her champions. These weapons became known as the Blackblade Armaments; in mockery of his father’s Grand Guild. And so, in time, the Blackblade became a dark and dreadful legend.

This changed when he came across the paladin Volaran, who not only defeated the Blackblade, but managed to liberate him from Hredd’s control and restore him to the form of a mortal.

Free of Hredd’s evil, Shahid created a new family for himself. Out of gratitude to his friend who saved him, he created the sword Corona.

But this freedom would not last long. Hredd eventually killed him again, and upon his death he immediately reverted back into being the Blackblade. Worse yet, she used him to trick and kill Volaran.

Shahid was once again Hredd’s slave. But things were different this time around. Her control was not absolute. And sometimes, Shahid could break free and become mortal again. Sometimes this lasted days. Others, years.

It was during one such “free-period” that the devils slew the child Jaquel Jherym Draracle, Shahid’s descendant. With him, the entire Draracle bloodline was wiped out. Shahid could not allow that, and using his magic, he assumed the identity of Jaquel. As such, he also kept vigil over Marion of Volaran, his friend’s descendant. In time, this vigil turned to love.

The devil-assassins that “killed” him, were actually tipped off by Hredd, who wanted to reclaim her prized agent. And so, Jaquel/Shahid became the Blackblade once more.

An ongoing quest of his son is to either release him, or destroy him once and for all…

Jaquel Jherym Draracle

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