Astrae Aessir

Imperial Admiral


Akualinorian Navy Commodore Astrae Aessir.
Draelar raessarai, born on 1666 AV, KIA 1734 AV (age 68).
Posthumously awarded the rank of Rear Admiral.

The eldest of three children, Astrae spent her formative years in Caer Narelian, the Akualinorian capital. At age 22, she enrolled into the Navy Military Academy, graduating 5 years later with the rank of Ensign.

While in the academy she became the reigning kaenquel (kendo) champion of the academy’s tournament. After graduating, she expanded her techniques into the more lethal kaenrulsen (kenjutsu) and iairulsen (iaijutsu) styles of swordsmanship.

Astrae was a superb officer of the Akualinorian Navy. She slowly, but steadily rose through the ranks, becoming a Captain of her own ship in 1713, after 25 years of service. In her mind however, her progress was too slow as she considered herself (and rightly so) superior in skill to many of her superiors. In 1728 she was awarded the rank of Commodore.

Though publicly unwavering to her commitment to the Diamond Conclave and the Navy, in her private life she was quite vocal to her family about her frustration with the Admiralty, whom she felt were keeping her back.

In 1734 AV, while on a patrol over Grosgant, Astrae’s ship exploded midair. Subsequent investigation revealed signs of combat. There were more corpses found than what the ship was supposed to have, leading authorities to suspect that the ship was boarded somehow. However, all corpses were too mangled to identify.

Several rings were found however, which bore a mysterious emblem. Reserve Specialist Officer and current Professor Galthryn Aessir, Astrae’s younger brother took upon himself to investigate the origin of those rings, as he believed they belonged the ones responsible for the explosion. His two-year long investigation revealed that the rings belong to an occult society known as the Black Sun. This led him to Svyatosneg-Gorny where he foiled an assassination against one Pridus O’Shameless…

Addendum: In 1736 AV, it was discovered that Astrae had survived. Furthermore, she has joined the Sons of Imperium and is considered an admiral in their ranks.


Astrae Aessir

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