The Blight of the Unborn


Ashardalon is an ancient red wyrm, obsessed with attaining immortality without resorting to dracolichdom.

Already an elder dragon by the time of the War of the Varn, Ashardalon initially fought against the forces of Khar Varn. Eventually however, one of the Varn serving Khar (it is unclear who specifically) offered to grant him immortality once the Varn reclaimed their godhood. And so Ashardalon switched sides midwar.

To that end, he forged an alliance with a group of Storm Giants and a flight of Dragons. This event, along with his direct actions led to the almost total annihilation of the Khadurian Druid grove in the Athanor Island-Continent. The event was witnessed by Dydd, one of the Khadurian druids as well as the time-displaced Riskbreakers.

Dydd made a sacred vow to seek revenge against the dragon—an oath so heavy that it affected everyone of her blood. Nearly a century later, Ashardalon—still seeking immortality—made a new pact with the Goddess Hredd. As Fate would have it, this resulted in him clashing with the Ravenguard, of which Dydd was a founding member. In an epic and now-legendary battle, Dydd smote the wyrm by piercing his chest and casting a lightning bolt to the ancients dragon’s heart, effectively ruining it and seemingly killing him.

But unbeknownst to Dydd, the dragon survived. Comatose and practically dead, he was found by a demon Balor named Ammet, the Devourer of Souls. For reasons unknown, Ammet revived the dragon, and offered himself to become the dragon’s very heart—a gruesome abyssal heart transplant.

Ashardalon then took up traveling the planes, and was never heard of again in Erdos.

At some point in time however, the Ammet-Transplant begun to fail Ashardalon. Faced once more with the prospect of his mortality, he sought yet again to cheat death. His unholy quest led him the the Bastion of the Unborn, one of the multiverse’s Fonts of Unborn Souls. There he remains to this day, feasting on souls that have yet to incarnate and prolonging his existence.

This eventually led to a noticeable phenomenon on souless births in the Cosmos and was picked up by the Regulators who set in motion a means to eventually dispose of the dragon indirectly, as the Ban of the Unborn forbade them to directly take action.

To that end, information on Ashardalon’s current status has been leaked to the Abyss, sparking particular interest to the Demon Prince Demogorgon. For reasons unclear, Demogorgon seeks to claim Ashardalon and has been spending considerable resources into locating the Bastion of the Unborn. It also appears that his agents are on the hunt for those who carry the blood of Dydd—possibly thinking that they may have power over the dragon.

The druid Maia and the Archamage Aelthas Laelithar are known direct descendants of Dydd, and at least one demon marilith displayed great interest in Maia during a chance encounter in Kan-Ra’s pyramid.

For her part, Maia is aware of both the blood oath that impels her to kill the dragon as well as the fact that Demogorgon’s forces are after her for reasons not quite clear, but certainly tied to Ashardalon…


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