The Azure Calamity


Arb-Zarakoth was a blue dragon that terrorized the northern reaches of Hantaraj during the 1500s. He was particularly famous for his preference of magicant shards rather than gold for his hoard.

Arb-Zarakoth’s rise to power was expedited when in 1517 the Iron Empire was ousted from Hantaraj due to Azion’s Rebellion. While the Empire never held official claim over the territories Arb-Zarakoth had staked, their overall presence and force projection was a counter to his lust for power and wealth.

By 1530, Arb-Zarakoth was a force to be reckoned in the area. However, by that point, Kaenus’ Great Rebellion had completely eradicated the Iron Empire. The newly-formed dwarven nations of Svyatosneg-Gorny and Bakjor-Gorny sent a combined expeditionary dispatch of dwarven clans to colonize north Hantaraj in order to set up mining enclaves.

This led them to a direct conflict with the dragon, and he in turn inflicted tremendous casualties against them, earning the monicker “Lazurnoye Bedstviye,” which means the Azure Calamity in Dwarvish.

Eventually the dragon met his end on 1594 AV, at the hands of dwarven priest, named Sergei Orlov (paternal grandfather of Boris Orlov). However, by that point the dwarves were decimated, and the expedition was deemed a failure. The few survivors returned back to their homes.

Though Sergei never managed to claim the dragon’s head as trophy, he did take his horn. That horn was eventually enchanted into the Orlov Horn of Ancestral Calling.


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