Aelthas Laelithar

The Scion of Shadokhan


Archmage Aelthas Laelithar, Sovereign Lord of Brightstone Citadel

Male Emerald Drae. Age 46. Height 170cm. Weight 65kg. Emerald eyes, dark hair.


Aelthas was born in Danaheiraj, in 1690. After the fall of the Iron Empire, House Laelithar had fallen to obscurity due to their affiliation with Shadokhan. As a result, no Laelithar had dared take up the study of magic, instead, the few members of House Laelithar dedicated themselves to commerce and a mundane, low-profile life.

Aelthas thought otherwise. Extremely intelligent, he decided from a very young age to take up the practice of wizardry and successfully gained a scholarship to the Grand Arcane Academy of Danaheiraj—perhaps the world’s most prestigious magical institution. He excelled there, become a capable true mage (wizard). He later spent several years as a professor in the Academy and in that capacity he deeply researched the life and works of his ancestor, Shadokhan. In fact, he is often considered the foremost expert on all things regarding the Archmage Supreme.

In 1727, he recruited Ithaquel Elang’Draeon’s newly established Dagon Mercenary Company. The goal was to research possible sites where Shadokhan had hidden Vaults. While working alongside Ithaquel’s crew, Aelthas realized he had a new craving: Adventuring.

Thus, he retired from his job at the Academy and became an official member of the group that would become known as the Brightstones. In the process he also became masterful enough in the use of magic to be recognized as an Archmage.

He is still an active adventurer along with the rest of the Brightstones.

Aelthas Laelithar

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