Aeldryn Elang'Draeon

The Princess of Dorianor


Her Highness, Princess Aeldryn Elang’Draeon, Heir to the Emerald Throne of Merniash and the Hegemony of Dorianor.

Female Emerald Elf. Age 48. Height 167cm. Emerald eyes, blonde hair.


Born on 1688 AV, Aeldryn is the daughter of Hegemon Kainus Elang’Draeon and Queen Talindra Moondawn of Merniash. She is currently the head officer of Dorianor’s Diplomatic Corps.

In 1724 she was the target of an assassination attempt undertaken by a faction of Ruby Elves. The event is known as the Lysraelock Manor Massacre. Though injured, she was saved by Prince Damian Von Redlore.

Aeldryn Elang'Draeon

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